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"Schizo 7x70 winner"
After reading the last review he must have been in therapy to write such a raunchy review.. Like all cigars, everyone in a case or bundle is not going to be perfect! You must have gotten the lemon ! This cigar from the moment I lit it I knew it was a keeper! What I like is the 70 ring gauge! After toasting the end, and taking the first puff to fully light it there is a solid burn. The draw is smooth. Although it is a 70 gauge it is hard to take a deep drag. I was a little concerned about a short filler but it still seemed to burn for 50-75 min before I put it out and NEVER had to re-light it. This is an everyday cigar and the looks I get from folks is WOW !! What a cigar ! Ya buddy! Biggest cigar I have seen! And it s worth the few dollars in every aspect ! Dont let the cheeezy band fool ya! Buy a bundle and see for yourself !!
Dan T in December 21, 2013
"all the flavors of the ashtray, in a wrapper"
Schizophrenia is a frightening, alienating, horrible disease, that takes years of medication and therapy to alleviate; so, they got the name right. I received a few of these in my bag at the RMCF. I only made it a 3rd of the way through this before nubbing it, which is extremely rare for me. Off the bat, the wrapper was a mottled, splotchy, toothy, veiny wreck. Small pieces of the wrapper had already begun to flake off. The pre-light aroma was that of barnyard and green hay. The toast was acrid and reminiscent of burnt toast and smoldering green wood. Draw was easy enough, and smoke production was decent. One re-light 5 minutes in. Early signs of channeling (tunneling?) in the ash as the filler was very uneven. The retrohale was difficult as the smoke was very acrid and burned the nostrils. I picked up slight hints of over-roasted coffee as the smoke beat its way out of my nose. Aftertaste was reminiscent of a long night of smoking bargain cigarettes through an exhaust pipe. The taste lingered long after I brushed my teeth with holy water and repented for my herfing sins. I wouldn't give this cigar to my worst enemy. That being said, if You can make it through the entire smoke and give a more favorable review, you're a better man than I. As for me, I'll be in therapy for awhile after this one..
jef in denver CO September 2, 2012
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