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Schizo Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Worth twice the price"
This cigar is a cuban sandwich , which means it incorporates both short and long filler. I am pleasantly surprised with this cigar. It is better than expected. The wrapper appears to be high quality - clean, smooth, evenly colored. These cigars smell rich. The roll looks a bit uneven, and it feels spongy. Some of the cigar bands are loose and slide off very easily. Cutting the cigar is effortless. The first inch of burn was a bit uneven, but the ash is very light gray and holds well. The taste started out sweet for most of the first 1/3, with some indistinguishable flavors. The taste changed somewhat randomly in the 2/3. It became bitter and varnishy, then turned into a musky, throaty, woodsy flavor. Some of the short filler tobacco fell out of the head. It was not much, only about a thimble-full. Towards the end of the 2/3 into the final 3/3, the cigar again changed, this time into a creamy musky flavor. The burn for the entire 2/3-3/3 was very even and did not require touch-ups. The ash was very light gray and the wrapper ash had very little cracking. These cigars live up to their name, Schizo ... they re all over the place. I m going to buy a mazo of these and age them. I have a very strong feeling that they are going to sing loudly in about 6 months.
Jim B in Galloway, NJ August 14, 2014
"Decent Gar for the Money"
In the land of lower cost cigars the Schizo represents quite well. Had to make 1 burn correction about a quarter of the way in but nothing major. Very well made in appearance/construction for a stick at this price point with consistent flavor. Burned a tad hotter than some but that could have been this particular cigar. Excellent draw. I would for sure purchase one of these again.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 7, 2014
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