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Shuriken I-Draw Technology Cutter Black Plastic Reviews [view details]

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"Great Concept, Lacks Function"
I understand the concept that they were shooting for with this Cutter. I have tried on many Cigar Shapes and just can t get the clean draw that they promise. It s pretty straight forward on how to use, but just doesn t seem to work as well as I had hoped.
Bobby in Amarillo Tx April 18, 2014
"Not a Winner"
I got the Shuriken utter thinking it would leave the cap inplace but give me a nice draw and a full mouth of somke. I found that it was a hard draw and I had to make a V cut or Pucnh cut. The other issue I had is that it cuts a little to far into the wapper pass the cut. I found that if you hae a nice fat slow burn stick that sides past the cap start to come undone and the end of the stick start to open up. I used it 3 times and had the issue each time. I isused on 48 to 52 ring size
Dave in So Cal November 17, 2013
"Works Great.....with just a minor hitch"
I got a good deal on one of these and have been using it on all my cigars and so far I will say it does what it claims. It greatly improves the draw on every cigar I have smoked making my smoking experience much more pleasurable. You can feel the smoke coming through all the slits, it feels kind of strange at first. I only have one negative about this thing; it cuts the slits on the sides and a little below the cap which means that I have to put more of the cigar in my mouth to cover the slits and after a while the top gets wet(wetter than if you just sliced the cap with a regular cutter) and the cap gets soggy and starts to come apart at all of the slits. Ill probably keep using it until either the novelty wears off or I get tired of soggy, wet caps.
Luis in Los Angeles August 20, 2013
HOW CAN IT CHANGE THE TASTE,REALLY GUYS. I been smoking for over 25 years and I love new gadgets, when they work well. This one is a mixed bag if you don?t give it time. First don?t buy the basic plastic one, very cheaply made and very easy to damage. If you buy only buy the Gunmetal and when you use it correctly it?s the best draw you have ever had. When you cut your Cigar make sure you do it correctly by turning it slightly side to side to get a better cut. Don?t do it to hard or you will damage the blades. So I love it now, it?s by far the best cut when you get it down. One last thing, Don?t buy the leather or in fact any other one other then the Gunmetal.
Mike in NYC May 2, 2013
"What a waste"
The bitter taste mentioned by other reviewers is nicotine. It happens on every cigar. This thing is terrible. How no one caught this before production is insane. I'd bite the end of a cigar before using this piece of crap again.
Marty in Carmel,ny April 2, 2012
"So far no good"
The first time I tried it was on a Cuban pressed box cigar. Now I don't know if pushed in too hard but completely shredded the end of the cigar. I will give it a few more chances to redeem itself but I will never retire my xikar cutter because hands down they put out an awesome product.....
John in Port Jefferson NY February 27, 2012
"dont like"
well i tried it on five cigars. the first one i tried it on cigar tasted bitter. gave it another shot on same cigar brand. still bitter. went back to cutter on same cigar brand not bitter. alternated for five cigars all same brand (macanudos) shurikens were all bitter tasting. i do not like, will not use again. spend your twenty bucks on something else.
chris in va beach, va January 14, 2012
"so far so good"
Have only used for a short time. Have to say I like it it seems that the cuts cools the smoke. Will see how it holds up!!
Doc in Brick NJ October 10, 2011