Shuriken I-Draw Technology Cutter Black Plastic: Black Plastic

Black Cigar Cutter
Black Plastic

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Into cool cigar accessories? Check out this scoop'n Shuriken cutter. Inside are 6 razor sharp blades set in a star pattern. By pushing in the head of your cigar, they cut slits around the cap of your cigar. The more pressure you apply, the deeper the cut. Cuts cigars up to a 60 ring. Get yours now.
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"Great Concept, Lacks Function "
I understand the concept that they were shooting for with this Cutter. I have tr... more
Bobby in Amarillo Tx
"Not a Winner "
I got the Shuriken utter thinking it would leave the cap inplace but give me a n... more
Dave in So Cal
"Works Great.....with just a minor hitch "
I got a good deal on one of these and have been using it on all my cigars and so... more
Luis in Los Angeles
HOW CAN IT CHANGE THE TASTE,REALLY GUYS.I been smoking for over 25 years and... more
Mike in NYC
"What a waste "
The bitter taste mentioned by other reviewers is nicotine. It happens on every c... more
Marty in Carmel,ny
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