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Siboney Reviews

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Siboney Toro
"wow...wow...wow.....buy em !!"
got these in the flighter sampler,i opened them up i said if these are half as good as they look i'll have a winner, guess what i got more then that greaaat burn,taste&draw this cigar is built like a tank, apperance was beautiful perfect wrapper no spots, even, slightly oily WWWOOOWWW ! WAIT HOW MUCH ARE THESE? $2.50 ish... man....BUY EM CUZ !
russell in brigantine,nj January 17, 2012
Siboney Robusto
"Taste all its own"
I had went halves with a friend on a variety pack of cigars. when my he lit up the Siboney, the unique aroma instantly caught my attention. he let me take a drag off of the cigar and i was amazed at its delicious taste. i became an instant fan of the Siboney.
roger D. in los angeles January 10, 2012
Siboney Sixty
"A great everyday smoke"
Great cigar for golf courses, during the day etc. Price is right, smokes nice. Only complaint is that a little canoeing is common. I get 3 bundles a month because I like them so much
Rob in Palm Springs December 14, 2011
Siboney Churchill
"Impressive value"
This cigar is definitely worth trying. I do NOT consider this a full strength cigar. It is full flavored and has a rich, creamy, complex flavor and abundant smoke and perfect draw. There is no harshness and I consistently detected a touch of cocoa that was, indeed, very pleasant. This cigar is definitely worth the money... : )
Art in Stroudsburg, PA December 6, 2011
Siboney Sixty
"not bad for the price"
Not bad sticks for the price. Better than the Nic Habano Gigante's but I like the Nic 3000 series a bit better.
Jeff in Cary, NC September 29, 2011
Siboney Toro
"canoe burn on 3 out of 4"
Flavor is fine, not good even considering the price. The real tragedy is in the consistently (3 of 4 sticks)uneven burn. Bummer.
Muck in Minneapolis September 24, 2011
Siboney Sixty
A very nice cigar for the price...though, the prelight scent is not quiet nice. I'll leave it in the humidor for a bit to mellow that out. The contruction was good as well as the draw - consistent flavour throughout.
Joe in Ottawa Canada September 20, 2011
Siboney Robusto
"You kidding me?"
These are great for the money. I've smoked these every hour of the day (almost) and they always come through. Are they the best cigar ever? No. But I suggest that if you like fuller flavor give these a try.I personally really enjoy them.
JD in Grandville, MI July 30, 2011
Siboney Toro
"Best $2.00 stick anywhere"
Never unhappy with an AB cigar. Alan Rubin does his job well. If you are on a budget and want a wonderful Med. to Full bodied smoke, this is truly unbeatable. I bought the test flight sampler with a little hesitation because of the price but thist is another winner. Fresh hay, hints of oak, cedar and a bit dry on the palate at times which I like. The wrapper and construction surprised me as well. Very pretty reddish brown wrapper. If there was one thing even remotely off it was just a hair soft but by no means a concern.
Russell in Northern NY June 26, 2011
Siboney Robusto
"Good value"
My friends and I have been smoking our way through the Alec Bradley lines, and we like this one. It has the satisfying taste and full body of all the Alec Bradley cigars, and draws very well. The only flaw is that it tends to burn unevenly, or even go out. These are rolled a little too loosely. The upside is you never get one that's too tight or plugged.
Joseph Brophy in New Rochelle NY May 10, 2011
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