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Siboney Reviews

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Siboney Sixty
"Good cigar for the money"
I have to say for the price it is a good cigar. I would never say this is a great cigar but good it is.
Zach in California March 8, 2011
Siboney Sixty
great smoke
charlie March 3, 2011
Siboney Test Flight
I was smoking a bargain brand cigar and by friend sparks up this amazingly sweet smelling cigar. He let me take a drag off it and man, I was hooked. one of the most flavorful tasting and smelling cigars I've had in recent memory. I think the 86 rating is much too low. Personally I put it at closer to a 92 rating.
roger in downey, ca February 28, 2011
Siboney Sixty
"what can i say the best"
what a wonderful cigar, as i sit here and smoke one I can taste many wonderful flavors. At 1st the gage of the cigar though me off a little bit but i got over that quickly. A great cigar for a fantastic price. love this smoke.
michael in florida August 21, 2010
Siboney Test Flight
"great Cigars"
this sampler is GREAT! 1st time i smoked this one and i am very happy going to make this one my daily smoke! try the sampler you wont be disappointed !
michael in florida August 21, 2010
Siboney Robusto
""What a very pleasant Surprise!""
I, like other smokers got the sampler....lo and behold this beaut got me really, really satisfied....what a really, really nice smoke all the way to the nub. I'm going to stock up before I lose the memories! As for the gent in Florida was he smoking another brand?
Roald in Los Angeles August 20, 2010
Siboney Churchill
"Worth a try"
Great as a $2 daily smoke but any more than that would be too much. It has a nice smooth coco and coffee smoke, but sadly a burned after taste.
DJ in Pomona, CA June 11, 2010
Siboney Robusto
I got The Siboney in a Alec Bradley sampler and it turns out to be a great smoke the construction is perfect almost looks fake the burn and consistency are very good. The taste is earthy and creamy. My only problem is I am too poor to afford 3 of these a day!!
Lee in Phila. Pa December 18, 2009
Siboney Robusto
"Surprisingly good"
Got this in Famous Exclusives, Chapter 1 sampler exactly so I could find the diamonds in the rough, and this is one. A very decent smoke for a house brand, construction was a little iffy, but the same happens with the big boys sometimes. If I didn't know ahead of time, I would've guessed it was a "boutique" or national cigar. Very good, esp. for the price!
Bodhidhala in Columbus, OH August 30, 2009
Siboney Toro
"superb everyday cigar; never boring"
These are tough to beat if you get them at auction or cigarmonster.com. Aside from the price, they make a good everyday cigar because they're never boring and unidimensional. The taste is complex, changing from spicy to vanilla-y to earthy to woody. My bundles have been a tad bitterish upon arrival. But, a month in the humidor takes care of that. My preference is for the larger ring gauges. The smoke is creamy. The burn is even. The aroma is satisfying. The ash is a little flakey and average in terms of firmness. But the construction is solid and definitely not underfilled. Me happy.
T. McTester in Ypsi August 26, 2009
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