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Siboney Reserve Reviews

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Siboney Reserve Torpedo
Smoking the torpedo as I type. Construction is right on, as I have a 2 inch snow white ash firmly attached to my cigar. Heavy for its size too. The taste is actually remarkable! I just finished smoking a Mi Barrio, and if you like those, you will really like these. This cigar is a bargain at the Famous price, but if you can snag a box on the auction you save about half. Hell of a deal, hell of a smoke!!
Nick in Troy MI May 7, 2010
Siboney Reserve Robusto
"Splendiferous Smoke!"
I picked up a 5er of the robustos a couple of months ago on the monster. Had one off the truck, and while it was very good, I decided to let the rest sit for a bit. I blazed one last night (2 months later), and it was magnificent! Typical Pepin spice with a long, complex finish. Construction, burn, and draw were spot on. Very impressive, especially for the price!
Nick in Troy MI May 7, 2010 April 8, 2010
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