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Siboney Sixty Reviews [view details]

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These cigars are a true 60 gauge ring with a smooth and slow burn. Great for starlit nights with a drink and some good friends to share them with.
James in Oregon July 9, 2013
"A Lot of Bang for Your Buck!!"
I am a huge Criollo fan and I was amazed at how much tobacco was packed into this cigar...and the taste is far beyond its $50 per box price tag. Reminded me alot of the Xikar Criollo, although it's not quite as strong, but it does have very nice flavors from start to finish. Rather peppery at first then settles into a nice rich Criollo flavor.
Kozmoknot in Little Elm TX October 19, 2012
"great full bodied smoke"
Great smoke for the more experienced palate. The wrapper is good but the binder and fillers are the real stars of this cigar. Great nuances of earth, leather and spice with a touch of espresso. Well balanced to the nub. Very good smoke for the money.
ernie in nyc April 29, 2012
"Strong !"
I like strong cigars (usually I smoke Rocky Patels, Alec Bradley or Honduran maduros) but this is by far the strongest cigar I have ever smoked. Good burn, good flavor and more than an hours worth of smoking. Great for the golf course. Great flavor. I will definitely buy them regularly.
Gregg in Gillette WY March 26, 2012
"A great everyday smoke"
Great cigar for golf courses, during the day etc. Price is right, smokes nice. Only complaint is that a little canoeing is common. I get 3 bundles a month because I like them so much
Rob in Palm Springs December 14, 2011
"not bad for the price"
Not bad sticks for the price. Better than the Nic Habano Gigante's but I like the Nic 3000 series a bit better.
Jeff in Cary, NC September 29, 2011
A very nice cigar for the price...though, the prelight scent is not quiet nice. I'll leave it in the humidor for a bit to mellow that out. The contruction was good as well as the draw - consistent flavour throughout.
Joe in Ottawa Canada September 20, 2011
"Good cigar for the money"
I have to say for the price it is a good cigar. I would never say this is a great cigar but good it is.
Zach in California March 8, 2011
great smoke
charlie in March 3, 2011
"what can i say the best"
what a wonderful cigar, as i sit here and smoke one I can taste many wonderful flavors. At 1st the gage of the cigar though me off a little bit but i got over that quickly. A great cigar for a fantastic price. love this smoke.
michael in florida August 21, 2010
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10 Draw (87) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (86) 100
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