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Signature Series by Litto Gomez Reviews

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Signature Litto Gomez Robusto 10 Pack
"Not For Me"
There were some nice flavors that just didn't develop. Cold draw was a very yeasty bread. The ash was loose and had a hard time staying lit. The draw tightened up as I got past the 2 inch point. The rest of the 10 pack goes to my brother in law.
RB in Waterloo February 18, 2014
Signature Litto Gomez Toro
"Very similar to the LFD"
Very similar in flavor to the LFD, but with a very tough draw.
Michael in Syracuse, NY May 21, 2012
Signature By Litto Gomez Test Flight
"Consistent with LaFlor Dominican"
Anyone who has smoked La Flor Domimicanas will be elated to get these at this price. Little Gomez is the best in my opinion. These are a steal for the consistent quality you'd expect.from.him. I will buy a box based on the test flight sampler. I couldn't wait to smoke a second one. Exciting stick.
Bert B in Roanoke, VA November 20, 2011
Signature Litto Gomez Toro
"Good Substitute for LFD"
Got my box today and had to smoke one. This stick is every bit as good as Gomez' other creations. Now I shall put them away to sleep and see what a few months of humidor time does for them.
Katmancross in Midwest September 23, 2011
Signature Litto Gomez Robusto 5 Pack
"cheap and worth it"
These are not typical of Litto! Flat, dry, boring and burn rather hot. The best part of these sticks is the wrapper, which is a beautiful deep brown. They should save these wrappers and put them filler that is worthy of them!
Tucker in Oregon August 29, 2011
Signature Litto Gomez Robusto 5 Pack
I found the Signature Litto Gomez a real disappointment. I love his other cigars, and at first glance, my hopes were high. The wrapper is my idea of perfection! It's a dark, mottled brown that looks exquisite! Unfortunately, that's where the romance ended. The flavor is bland, one-dimensional and not at all like his other blends. The burn and construction were fine, but the flavor was dry, and just not very interesting. Not a bad cigar, mind you. For mowing the lawn or giving away to friends, it's alright, but for treating yourself at the end of the day, look elsewhere.
Phil in Oregon July 28, 2011
Signature Litto Gomez Robusto 5 Pack
"Great Stick"
Reminds me of a Kristoff, for the price per stick beats many 8 to 10 dollar sticks out there, won't name names but if you want a great smoke for the price, you can't beat it. I'd give this a 90 based on sticks out there given rating of this high by cigar aficiaonado..............
coldash in TX June 27, 2011
Signature Litto Gomez Robusto
"Power House"
As a fan of full bodied and full flavored smokes, these bad boys are in my zone. These are not for the whimpy!!! These cigars are typical of what I expect from Litto and are a value when you consider his "normal" prices. The cigars are perfect in every way and will get your attention as they are spicey bombs!!!
Full Smokes in Cranston, RI December 21, 2010
Signature By Litto Gomez Test Flight
"over rated and overpriced"
very strong without any merit. the taste is not anything that makes you crave another stick unless the name is the reason. won't buy these overpriced offerings again.
rs in canastota,ny November 27, 2010
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