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Signature Series by Rocky Patel Reviews

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Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"A hooker couldn't smoke this thing."
I must say the few puffs I did get tasted pretty good, but after 20 minutes of fooling around trying to get this baby to draw right I chucked it in the trash. First I cut a plug out and lit it, wouldn't draw. Next I sent a 1/16" rod down through it a couple times ( this usually fixes the occassional tight roll you run into), still wouldn't draw. Next I cut the whole tip off figuring that might do it, nope. If I had a pipe, I'd a chopped the sumbitch up and smoked it but I don't so I chucked it. Not much worse than getting a bad smoke when you were expecting something good.
Dan in Wyoming January 14, 2011
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"Would Buy Again!"
These not only impressed me but my next door neighbor who is a long time cigar smoker.
David in Eugene, OR January 4, 2011
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"I would put my signature on another cigar"
Well this cigar was the best of the 3 new blends but its strike 3 for all the new cigars for me. A good smoke by any means but still leaves me wondering if these cigars were all that. I would have been buying the 12 sampler every day but the only real good smokes were the 1961s so the money was worth it just for them. Still a loyal fan of Rocky, just not going to buy any more of these.
Ken Christensen in Sammamish Washington December 21, 2010
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
Don't get me wrong, this is a perfectly passable smoke and I smoked it without resting. Some peeling on the wrapper, slight damage to the foot, and draw was perfect. Room note was excellent and my fiancee complimented it. The cigar starts out fierce. A very spicy black pepper taste. It continued with black pepper and picked up a tiny bit of coffee 2/3 through and reduced strength to about M-F body. Burn required tending as it would tend to go out if left for more than a minute or so, and had a tendency to go uneven a tiny bit. Not complex, not really much of a changing flavor but decent and taste was acceptable. Will let the others I have rest for 6 months or a year then try again. I'd give it a 75.
cade in oklahoma December 9, 2010
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"Great Flavor"
I got this in part of a 12 cigar sampler. I would have to say this was one of the best Cigars in the sampler. Smooth taste and draws well. Towards the end of the Cigar though the taste when away, usually that's the best part! but with this Cigar it isn't. The taste is when you start the cigar and towards the middle.
Steve Rockin in Orange County December 7, 2010
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"Just as the Description States"
A clean cut, an easy light, even burn. As stated, a full spicy smoke that mellowed out beautifully. Purchased in the A P Castro sampler, I can't wait to try out the other RP blends. Very enjoyable.
Mike in Utica NY December 2, 2010
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
The pre-light draw had a pleasant taste as did the aroma which really kicked up while the foot toasted quite well. I love the taste of molasses and raisins and the first third was great and evolves into a richer,smoother tobacco flavors all the while burning nicely to a nub . Nice work AC.
figurado in cat square November 27, 2010
Famous Signature Series by Rocky Patel Robusto
"Good cigar, strong flavor"
I received this cigar in a sampler, and was very excited to try it. I has a great aroma, a good burn, and the draw was perfect. It was however a little spicy for my taste, but definitely enjoyable.
Sam in New Mexico November 26, 2010
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!