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"Surprisingly It Works Great!"
Bought a large humidor to replace a couple of others that I had and had the complete assumption that this hygrometer would be complete garbage as the others. I was totally wrong. This one is heavier duty and has a rigid / tight adjustment screw point unlike the others which had a flimsy and virtually non usable screw in the back. Accidentally dropped it from my counter and it just responded with a heavy clunk. Very surprised with this unit and it will actually be used.
Gabe in Ohio, USA January 14, 2015
"Sticks But Accurate"
I got this hygrometer with a humidor. It seems to stick but it is accurate it just takes awhile to adjust, which is fine since I don't open my box all the time. It is more accurate than my digital, just make sure you calibrate it.
Paul in Boston July 5, 2013
"6% off out of the box, spot on after calibration"
I tested this using the salt method and it was 6% under (showing 69% instead of 75%). After adjusting the needle using the screw in the back, it is now spot on. I put the hygrometer in a new humidor that I was preparing for the first time, and it showed about 82% with slightly damp interior plus a damp sponge and a Ciguardian Angel humitube. Once I took the sponge out after a couple of days, it showed 75%. Then it showed 70% once I loaded the cigars, and that's where it stays with the Humitube set at the right setting. It is finicky when you try to adjust the screw, but once done, it is great.
D in Oregon October 19, 2012
"10 years and still going"
This hygrometer came in my first humidor 10 years ago and has always worked fine. I just calibrated it again last week with a Broveda calibration kit and it was spot on as usual.
jarvol in SC July 18, 2011
RUBEN in BRONX, NEW YORK March 31, 2011
BEN in CAMERON PARK, CA September 30, 2010
"Does not work, can't be calibrated"
Cheap, and does not work, the needle is "stuck" calibration does not seem to work.
Shane in Kansas CIty September 14, 2010
"Don't depend on the image!"
I bought this hygrometer for a replacement, when needed in the future. I have not attempted to calibrate or install the unit as of yet. I looked at it carefully when it arrived, and realized that the image is mis-representing the item. While the unit looks similar, the spool-looking item in the upper right corner must actually be the magnet with a sticky-pad that came already assembled with my unit. As a new cigar smoker and prospective humidor owner, I thought the spool looking thing was a channel gasket that fits in a hole of the humidor to direct the interior humid air to the exterior mounted hygrometer, but it's not. New or anxious smokers beware of things you're not sure of, but may tend to assume instead. I assumed in my anxiousness, and was made a fool by this image and my inexperience.
CNR in WI June 19, 2010
"Works Perfectly"
This hygrometer came with my humidor. I'm a gadget guy, so I bought 2 other digital hygrometers and took this analog hygrometer out. Both digitals read 70 pct (and they were not adjustable). However, cigars became sluggish, mushy, hard-to-draw, burn issues, etc. I decided to calibrate all of them using the salt method (all hygros should read 75 pct). Guess what?... The 2 digitals read 66 pct and this little analog read EXACTLY 75 pct as it should. That means my humi was actually at 81 pct using the digitals! No wonder why they were like sponges! I still like the gadgets, but I use this little hygrometer to calibrate all my other hygros. It's a shame it got such poor reviews here.
David S in Fort Lauderdale, FL May 29, 2010
This same hygrometer came with my 'Old World' humidor. With salt calibration it was way off, so I attempted to adjust it with the screw - as I have done with many other analog hygrometers over the years. You can move the needle around all you want and there it will stay regardless of relative humidity. It is utterly worthless. You may as well just flush your $10 down the toilet.
David C in Beaufort, SC May 26, 2010