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"perfect for small humidors"
I have a small humidor which this hygrometer is set up in and I have to say it works well. No complaints about anything. Its not top notch but it is definitely worth the price.
Ricardo in Venezuela May 7, 2012
I bought this 2 days ago and it works great. I LOVE IT. It works great in desktop humidors.
Donal Vance in Charleston,WV January 8, 2011
"Seems OK. Calibration Instructions needed."
Hygrometer seems to work well, but it would have been nice if it came with basic calibration instructions.
Jay in South Carolina December 8, 2010
"Nice, BUT..."
I bought a new humidor last week and, as seems to be usual, the hygrometer didn't work worth a .... Anyway, I figured I'd just replace it and the reviews here indicated this would be an easy task. However, this unit does NOT fit my humidor. (I have a small Savoy, by Ashton and the hygrometer is mounted in the front, not inside the box.) My choices were to either knock a bigger hole in the humidor to allow for the additional depth, and then shim the heck out of this one so it would fit the diameter correctly, or simply go back to the store where I bought the hygrometer and explain the problem. I chose the latter. As far as this unit? It appears to work GREAT as I dropped it into my already seasoned big box and, one small adjustment later was reading the same as the analog and digital hygrometers I already have in there. It's not going to go to waste, though. I have a Cuban Cohiba box that I'm turning into a small humidor that I can take with me and this unit will be PERFECT for that use.
Xark in Frederick, CO March 12, 2010
"Good Buy"
Nice product at a great price. If you need a hygrometer cheap then buy this.
Robert in Idaho May 27, 2009
"Outstanding product"
Great Hygrometer, I used the instructions that came with my Humidor to calibrate it, and it is working great.
Sean in Ohio August 22, 2008