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Solana Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Good Box"
My buddy and I both bought this box. We both found that 45-50 cigars is the right number to keep in it for it to work great. The finish is beautiful. Definitely upgrade to a digital hygrometer and reinforce with a wrap or two of teflon tape. If you put too many in it, you will have humidity issues.
Landon in Winchester, VA March 30, 2012
"average, nice looking"
Bought one, it's very nice looking. The only thing is the thin 1/4" bottom and the anolog hygrometers never work. Get a digital one and you'll be fine
JOE in MASS December 31, 2011
"Solana Humidor"
The humidor is made in China, so taking that into consideration it seems to be well constructed, no gaps in the corners,good air seal, 5/8" walls except for the 1/4" bottom between the drawer and the cigars. The 100 cigar humidor only holds 70. It has a high gloss finish that scratches easy and on the face of the drawer the corner was busted off and patched at the factory that was de laminating when I received it, a little glue and stain got it close.
in June 17, 2009