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Soledad Reviews

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Soledad Lonsdale
Perfectly rolled, ash holds long, cool smoke, light flavor. Satisfied!
Sid in Sacramento July 17, 2012
Soledad Toro
"Nice and Sweet"
Just came in today in the test flight sampler and the Toro is impressive. The draw is smooth, through a punch, the burn evened out just before halfway. The taste got sweet quick and has hints of vanilla, but has some light tobacco flavor. Very mild, thick white smoke. Not bad at all for so cheap!
Sid in Sacramento July 17, 2012
Soledad Lonsdale
"Good Budget Cigar"
Soledad is a good low cost cigar. I did not like them at first and was disappointed with my purchase at first but once they sat in the humidor for about a month amomg my many other cigar they took on a better character. I now like them much better. They are a milder cigar then I like but a good smoke none the less. Give them time and you will be pleased.
Joel in Orlando, FL June 9, 2012
Soledad Robusto
"Solid smoke all around"
Wouldn't say this is my favorite cigar I've had, but it was very consistent. Lacked a little bit in strong taste, but isn't that to be expected in a mild cigar anyway?
J. Bentz in Marietta, PA December 19, 2011
Soledad Robusto
"Solid smoke"
New cigar smoker here. Got this in a sampler pack, and the taste is pretty bland. But it burned very well and had a nice aroma to it.
Austin in Virginia April 14, 2011
Soledad Lonsdale
"Rich and Mellow"
Another of my auction buys. This is a mild but mellow cigar with a rich taste. I normally use a punch but I found that this cigar smokes much better clipped. Very even burn and good constructiion
Michael 47 in Gaffney SC March 27, 2010
Soledad Toro
"Excellent Mild everyday cigar!"
Surprized witht this mild, sweet cigar. Burns even, smells good, slow burning. And very nice price!
Ernie in California November 8, 2009
Soledad Lonsdale
"Great everyday Cigar"
This cigar is a great inexpensive everyday Cigar. It is very similar in taste and quality of one of my favorites, Romeo and Julieta vintage. Nice mild cigar at less than 1/4 the price! You can't miss on these for the price.
Haywood Jablome in So Cal July 29, 2009
Soledad Robusto
"Very nice smoke."
I get the robusto's and I love them. They have a pretty good burn. The construction is good. But the flavor is what I really love about this cigar. It reminds me of a Mac. ;o) I have not had any other sizes. But the robusto is a wonderful little smoke if you ask me.
Larry in Galt, CA. April 26, 2009
Soledad Toro
"Save your Money!!"
This "cigar" smokes like a candy cigarette, actually the candy cigarette draws better.
Fred in California April 3, 2009
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