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Soledad Reviews

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Soledad Lonsdale
"soledad lonsdale review"
I do not consider myself an expert on cigars, but I do know what I like. These Soledads are one of the worst tasting smokes I have had. I realise they are not top drawer cigars, but all things considered these are nasty. I have smoked about 5 or six and they are just as bitter as the first. I can detect no appreciable hint of flavor,the only thing I can say good about them is they burn evenly. Buying a drug store cheapy will give you the same smoking experience, possibly better. Your service at famous is great, I wish I could say the same for Soledad Lonsdales. Truly a waste of money. sorry guys. they are NASTY!
Eugene 'pete' Lachelli in PA August 15, 2007
Soledad Corona
"off beat taste"
The burn and draw are fine but the taste was disappointing -- like a twice-lit cigar.
Steve Tindall in delaware July 12, 2007
Soledad Lonsdale
"Good Mild Smoke"
Soledad Lonsdale is a good mild smoke and a bargain at $35.00 a box. For the best Draw, you need to poke these and leave uncut at the end. I smoked 3 Cigars so far and have enjoyed all of them. I will continue the solitude and add these to my Hummi! I also love getting my cigars in 3 days instead of weeks with some other smoke shops. Keep up the good work! Ted
Ted M in Stratford, CT. June 29, 2007
Soledad Lonsdale
"Great Smoke for the Price!"
I was pleasantly surprised by this stick! I just went through a bundle and all of the smokes had a great, smooth and creamy draw. Plenty of smoke hovered in my patio when smoking them with a cup of coffee in the morning. This will become my "go to" cigar.
Manny in Tucson, AZ June 26, 2007
Soledad Lonsdale
"need a cast for my neck"
firstly 3 out of 4 drew so hard that I had to throw them out after trying to unplug them. The fourth one finally gave me a flavor that I could identify. If they start to burn properly, they may not be too bad.
R Seaman in NY June 13, 2007
Soledad Lonsdale
"Better than a soft shoulder to lean on?"
I gave up smoking 7 years ago. A herniated disc sent me out on the deck to lay back and heal. A cigar smoking friend suggested puffing on a smooth cigar to help relieve the monotony & calm my troubled soul. I stumbled on this cigar perusing F.S. web page. - The Londale is now as much a part of my day as my morning coffee; smooth tasting, great burn, nice aroma. This cigar has caused me to revert back to my tobacco loving self. Might even be better than a soft shoulder to lean on. For a short smoke I also enjoy the corona. Please keep stocking them...
Charles Parker in WI May 3, 2007
Soledad Lonsdale
"Smooth smoke"
I'm new to cigars so don't know all the terminology yet. So I will just say the Soledad's were fresh, smoked smooth, and were not harsh. I'm enjoying them in the evening while sipping a glass of Oban single malt. A great pairing.
Gary Stallons in Texas April 25, 2007
Soledad Toro
"Great Everyday Cigar!!!!!"
I don't understand why anyone would pan this cigar. I think it rates up there with cigars that cost 3 and 4 times as much. This is my "go to" smoke. I love it. Only wish the wrapper was easier to take off.
Fessiewig in New Hampshire March 30, 2007
Soledad Corona
"Welcome solitude"
These aren't an extraordinary brand, but certainly dependable. One of the ones I can count on. If you like a mild smoke that's not overwelming, give these a try.
Ed Davis in Marion County, Arkansas March 1, 2007
Soledad Toro
"As Johnnie Mathis sang; "Wonderful, Wonderful"."
Love this cigar! For the price, I don't think I've smoked a better cigar. I don't understand the people who say it doesn't have any flavor. Sure it's mild, but it's also a great, flavorful smoke. Burn one soon.
fessiewig in New Hampshire December 11, 2006
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