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Solo Cafe Reviews

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Solo Cafe Robusto
"NOT a worthwhile alternative"
Ordered a 5 pack of these to compare them to the Isla del Sol for flavor and value. Burns well, but the flavor is confusing and harsh. I was hoping for something that rivaled the smooth flavor of the Isla but was severely disappointed. Draw was light, almost to the point of feeling like the I was sucking an empty straw then followed by the harsh flavor.
Jeff in Grove City, Oh June 4, 2014
Solo Cafe Corona
"Not the Same"
This used to be my favorite smoke. A while back, however, the taste and strength began to vary dramatically. After taking a break from them for about 10 months, I decided to bid on another lot. I'm sorry I did! I have smoked 16 of them, and 9 of them have been so blocked that I couldn't get a good draw. The flavor is still OK, but if I can't draw it, the flavor doesn't matter. I will look elsewhere from now on.
Jason in Tennessee February 19, 2014
Solo Cafe Corona
"Meh... Just Not the Same as Used To Be"
Ya know years ago I smoked these, I even had a handful from years ago in my Humidor still. By now they were dried out, But i wasn't gonna let a cigar go to waste, dried or not! So i smoked them, Man they were just as good as they were a year or two before, so I ordered a New box and noticed the cigars now had a wrapper logo and the color was a little darker. I smoked the first one and it didn't have that nice little treat of the flavored, sweet tip. That's odd, and the aroma wasn't there either! it didn't burn very well and the puff was very week and translucent as well!! So the next day i smoked another one, this one had the flavored tip but all the rest was the same. Next day another one a little different. Now I ve almost smoked the whole bundle and every one has been a little different. The cigars that i had in my humidor for over a year and a half that were dried out were better than these!!!!.. WHY .. WHY Did you guys change this once wonderful cigar for the worst!!!!!!.. Bring back our Old Solo Cafes .. PLEASE!!!!!!! I guess ill be looking for a new cigar for the meantime.
Tony in Corona, CA February 5, 2014
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Windex and Sanka"
I'd heard good things about Solo Cafe, so I ordered a 5 pack to share with my friends who also like coffee infused flavors in their cigars. The results were awful. The cigars smelled like windex and bad coffee. Smoking them did not improve the experience. There were 4 of us and the experience was awful for all. I'm not sure what I m going to do but I certainly won't be smoking or sharing it with my friends. The worst part is every other attribute of this cigar was acceptable. For the love of God please fix the blend or stop selling these.
Mark in El Centro California January 18, 2014
Solo Cafe Toro
"Ok only"
Ok only. Not much special. I would not buy it again.
Tom in Lax January 13, 2014
Solo Cafe Robusto 5 Pack
"Not bad at all"
I ordered a five pack of these and I am so happy that I did. They were all consistent with their burn and construction. This is a very mild smoke great for the early morning or first smoke of the day, great with a cup of coffee. If you're looking for a strong smoke, or don't like flavored sticks, these might not be for you. But if you do they're worth a try! I will be ordering more!!!!
Bobby in NY May 22, 2013
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Great smokE at a great price."
Really good flavor with an incredible 2 in burn! Very mild and smooth. Initial sweetness but smooth light mocha flavor down to about 2/3. Required a little touch up and did go out one me around 3/4 turning a little bitter toward the end but hey for the price a great smoke!
Chuck in Va May 8, 2013
Solo Cafe Toro
"Coffee Cigar Comparison"
I bought a bundle of these along with a box of Isla Del Sol cigars when shopping for coffee flavor smokes a while back. After having smoked a bundle of these and a box of the Isla del Sol, I've found my favorite to be Isla del Sol. These are great smokes for the price. I found them to be a little bit on the strong side for me, I prefer a mild to medium smoke. The Solo Cafe also has a little hint of peppery spice to it. Between the two, the Solo Cafe are a little better construction and will stay together a little better than the Isla del Sol. The Solo Cafe is is a little stronger and they have less sweetness than the Isla del Sol. I prefer a milder more flavored smoke and I find the Isla del Sol to have just the right flavor and strength for me. Isla del Sol is a little closer to the Acid Kuba Kuba if you like that cigar, but much more affordable. If you prefer a medium to strong smoke with less coffee flavor you'll probably prefer the Solo Cafe as they are a stronger smoke with less sweetness of the two. While I prefer Isla del Sol, these are still a good smoke and a great value in cigars.
Mike in New Mexico March 24, 2013
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Thoroughly enjoyed this one..."
Reviews are always subjective to ones preferences...but this cigar was really nice. Mild sweetness to the tongue, and a great creamy, toasty flavor to the smoke. Burn and appearance was fine, nice construction and taste was smooth. Have already bought more.
MD in NJ March 2, 2013
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Little bit underwhelmed"
After reading the reviews of this stick, I was thinking it was going to be great cigar. I was a little disappointed. Great Burn, Wrapper, Draw...etc. But the taste left something to be desired. I was expecting some good mocha flavor, and it was just not there. I even let this sit in my humidor for two weeks before I got around to it. Don't think I will be buying these again.
Ron Billington in Sacramento, CA February 23, 2013
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