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Solo Cafe Reviews

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Solo Cafe Robusto
"Very nice, flavorful and relaxing smoke."
Can't beat the price for a nice mocha, latte type smoke. Great draw if you use a plug instead of a cutter. Long ash, smooth and flavorful, no touch ups required even though the wrapper burnt a little uneven at about the half way point. Very satisfied with the quality and price, great cheap smoke.
An anonymous smoker November 24, 2012
Solo Cafe Corona
"waste of time"
i had been excited to receive these. but after getting them.. they lacked all the aspects of what was hoping. half way through it, then its better
Scott in Kansas August 30, 2012
Solo Cafe Toro
"High end packed in GREAT price"
worth twice the price listed...been smoking them for years.
Jordan in Rhode ISland May 24, 2012
Solo Cafe Robusto
"These are alright!!"
Well I'm not too sure what all of these negative reviews are about. I had a decent experience with these, sure there's better, but for the price they are pretty good. I got a few of these in a sampler and was pleased! They have a great smell before you light them up, and it burned fine/smoked fine all the way through. Tasted pretty decent as well. In the end, I may have to order me a few more!
Ryan in Lincoln April 7, 2012
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Below my Expectations"
I personally did not taste the 'coffee infusion' on this smoke. It was bad enough that I threw it on the ground after ~2 minutes.
Matt in Farmington, California March 30, 2012
Solo Cafe Corona
"Buyer Beware - You can do better"
There is something wrong with the positive ratings given to this cigar because it is definitely amongst the worst I have ever smoked. Each puff is awful and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is loosely filled, uneven burn, will last about five to seven minutes. A total waste of money, I am asking for the credit.
Iftikhar in Beavercreek, Ohio March 11, 2012
Solo Cafe Toro
Had the Drew Estates yesterday and the Solo Cafe today. The solo Cafe compared favorably against it and considering the price, a must try!!!
Anthony A in Cookeville, TN February 23, 2012
Solo Cafe Corona
"old label was better"
i have bought a lot from Famous through the years. I had a stock pile of the old label and finally finished them. i bought the new label and was greatly disappointed. the new stick has little flavor compared to the old and stinks terribly. sorry the old label is gone and now i have to find a new cheap mocha.
bob in canastota, ny November 14, 2011
Solo Cafe Robusto 5 Pack
"good for beginner smokers"
Not like a real cigar, more like a pretend cigar. It is tasty of coffee and creamy sugar like flavors. I give them away because usually folks that dont normally smoke cigars cant stand the ones I smoke. This is a great cigar for them. It ls built good and does provide good amount of smoke.
david in arizona November 11, 2011
Solo Cafe Corona
"Very enjoyable"
For me, the most important component of the cigar is tast, and these Solo Corona's deliver. I normally do not smoke an enhanced or flavored cigar, but decided to give these a try. I'd recommend you do so as well. I prefer a mild to medium cigar and these fit right in to my preferrence. I bought one as a trial and immediately followed up with a 20 pack. Out of the 5 I have tried so far, all have been very consistent in draw, burn, and construction.
Arthur in Southern CA July 17, 2011
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