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Solo Cafe Reviews

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Solo Cafe Robusto
"Not worth it unless you get it for free."
Not sure why so many people compare this to the Java,and I love the Java and Tabak. The Solo Cafe is not even remotely close in flavor and I can't even taste the supposed coffee infused flavor. Cheap smoke, even cheaper taste.
An anonymous smoker April 7, 2011
Solo Cafe Corona
fantastic cigar. Way beyond its value...deserves a 100 rating...amazing. Great flavor, not overly mild but wont knock you out....great great cigar. Constant purchase
Jordan in Rhode Island February 13, 2011
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Not Half Bad"
Being a second time smoker after a bad first experience with some cheap nicaraguans, i wanted to get some flavor in my smokes. I was slightly dissapointed by these but not by much. Smooth and slightly flavorful.
Dave in Buffalo December 16, 2010
Solo Cafe Corona
"Disappointed from the first draw."
You may want to get ready to ask for a credit. I thought I'd branch out into some flavored cigars. This one ranks among the worst. It developed a growing, bitter after taste, uneven burn, and a wide range of flavor just between the 3 I've smoked. I have had some machine-made and cheap Phillipino cigars that taste better than these.
John in Boise November 28, 2010
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Lit cherry...no smoke"
Just recieved my order from FSS and thought I'd try the Solo Cafe first since I was not at all familiar with it..Very nice aroma befor lighting,good flavor after toasting foot.A third of the way down I found myself "hotboxing" to try to draw a mouthful of smoke.Checked to see if it had gone out but no,nice big cherry burning.Gave it a squeeze and found it was loosely rolled.Too bad I only had one in the fusion of flavors sampler to judge it by.Maybe it was a fluke.Except for not being able to take a good draw...it was tasty.
Hokan in Lake Elsinore September 20, 2010
Solo Cafe Robusto
This cigar was not good. I could have smoked lawn trimmings and saved a few bucks!!
henry r in rancho cordova September 8, 2010
Solo Cafe Toro
"not coffee, but pretty good"
This is not a coffee infused cigar. It is a vanilla flavored cigar. Back in college i smoked a pipe. This cigar really tastes like vanilla pipe tobacco. It smells alot like vanilla pipe tobacco as well. Having said that, it was an enjoyable smoke for the first 2/3rds of the cigar. THe last third of the cigar to the band was hot and a bit bitter. Not a bad cigar and worth the price paid. i would recommend it for the golf course or as a desert cigar with cup of decafe after dinner
reg in florida September 8, 2010
Solo Cafe Robusto
"not for me"
you know I was going to write a lengthy review on how disappointed I was in this cigar, well just a few words . This cigar has a low end taste, the burn is sometimes even. I let them sit in my humidor for about 15 days. I thought time might make the smoke better. Time might make these better if you had a time machine and went back in time before cigars were made and no one new any better. Seriously ,it might have made a difference if i wouldn't have smoked a Java maduro by drew estates first.
mike in alabama August 26, 2010
Solo Cafe Corona
"Don't know yet-taste is cheap after receiving"
Considering I'm a fairly new inexperienced cigar smoker and getting these for the first time, it tastes like it is a lower end smoke, not that it is a bad thing. After opening, the aroma is decent smelling, after cutting the end the initial taste before lighting is sweet and smells nice. After lighting just after getting them as I couldn't wait and lit one up, it does have a 'creamy' texture and consider it an bright tasting, immature, unfinished, inexpensive tasting smoke similar to the difference between a young and a very nice single malt scotch. The draw was nice and consistent, the flavor is ok at the first few puffs. The date code is 6 months ago and there is a hint of sweetness, slight taste of coffee with a harsher feel with a slight aftertaste of ammonia after each puff just after delivery. I'll let them sit in the humidor for some time and see how they mature. The stamped date is 6 months ago. I'd say they are an inexpensive cigar and just after receiving them, don't believe they receive a 91 rating overall but for 2 bucks and change per smoke, I can't give them a good rating. I'll see how they change over the next month-hopefully the ammonia taste will go away because it will prevent me from getting these again.
Todd in Rochester, NY March 30, 2010
Solo Cafe Robusto
"Too mild"
I liked this one the least because it was way to weak. You can inhale a full hit and not even cough the taste was great just not a strong tobacco.
Eric in Reno February 6, 2010
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