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Solo Cafe Corona Reviews [view details]

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Bought a box of these after seeing the great reviews and was not disappointed. Amazing taste & aroma. Great burn and draw as well. Smoked it down to the nub until I nearly burned my lips. Will be a permanent part of my humidor from now on. Definitely worth a try.
David in Atlanta April 16, 2008
"New SOLO CAFE is not worth it"
I loved ,past tense Solo Cafe. I don't know where this "new" Solo Cafe came from but do us all a favor and SEND THEM BACK. They used to be a delight to the taste buds. This new blend is not even close.
Phil in Anchorage, Alaska September 25, 2007
"got me hooked"
I tried one straight from the package - it's love at first light!! moving this one straight to one of my regulars. don't buy them(more for me).
Robert Seaman in NY February 28, 2007
"Drink it or smoke it"
When I smoked my first one last week I knew I had fallen in love - the date code on these is from Feb 2006, so they are well aged and very smooth. The wrapper has a sweetness with an aromatic coffee flavor that is just right. Smoking them is a true delight and I have already ordered another bundle..... because once gone they are gone.
Chuck Strohm in OK February 2, 2007
"Not Bad at All"
Just received my Solo Coronas. It is a smooth cigar with a nice draw. Not as tasty compared to the Java Mocha, it is pretty close, but not as good. I love the Java Mocha! The Solo Cafe is a good smoke.
Kevin in NW Arkansas February 1, 2007
"A great smoke for the money!"
A friend of mine introduced me to the Solo. I am a diehard fan of the Java`s but because of their price and availability I was always looking for a smoke that was similar in taste but a little more close to my budget.I am glad to say that for the price these cigars are a bargain.They are pretty close to the Java`s but burn a little less clean and have a very slight bitter after taste.The flavor is pretty damn close and the draw is wonderful.I will still keep the Java`s at the top of my list as my favorite smoke but these have moved ahead of my #2 smoke the Juicy Lucy.
Bill in Western Mass January 23, 2007
"The Perfect Morning Smoke."
Before I found Solo Cafe, I'd been regularly purchasing Java by Drew Estate at three times the price. I really can't tell the difference between the two in both construction and taste. I'm already 5 smokes into my first bundle and I plan to order more soon. These little coronas are a perfect compliment to that morning cup of coffee. If you like the Javas and you don't want to go broke, Solo is the way to go.
Sean in Chattanooga, TN December 28, 2006
"A suprise from the first puff."
The cigar looks so innocent on arrival. Nothing fancy about it, just a good looking cigar, with a dark oily wrapper. Good weight for its size, and solid construction. But then you light it. The taste is complex and wonderful. Coffee, earthy, sweet, smooth, and just plain fantastic. From start to finish, this cigar is never bitter. I enjoy sitting on my balcony after a hard day's work, and slowly puff on this cigar. For all the pricier premium cigars, this must be one of the best I have had.
Dr. Weitzman in TN October 27, 2006
"Incredible cigar! Incredible buy!"
Since these are "close out" cigars I would recommend stocking up while you can. I love Java cigars, and when I smoke these I cannot tell the difference. Well there is one difference, these are about 1/3rd. the price of the Java brand, and made by the same folks. Don't miss these while you still can.
Bob in Topeka, Kansas August 29, 2006
"Mild to medium smoke..." tastes a LOT richer than it costs! It IS made by Drew Estate, and for the life of me, I cannot distinguish it from its cousin, the Java corona. I'm very pleased to have bought these for more than half the Java price and you can bet that I'll be ordering this brand again.
Jeff in SW oHIo March 2, 2006
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