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"Meh... Just Not the Same as Used To Be"
Ya know years ago I smoked these, I even had a handful from years ago in my Humidor still. By now they were dried out, But i wasn't gonna let a cigar go to waste, dried or not! So i smoked them, Man they were just as good as they were a year or two before, so I ordered a New box and noticed the cigars now had a wrapper logo and the color was a little darker. I smoked the first one and it didn't have that nice little treat of the flavored, sweet tip. That's odd, and the aroma wasn't there either! it didn't burn very well and the puff was very week and translucent as well!! So the next day i smoked another one, this one had the flavored tip but all the rest was the same. Next day another one a little different. Now I ve almost smoked the whole bundle and every one has been a little different. The cigars that i had in my humidor for over a year and a half that were dried out were better than these!!!!.. WHY .. WHY Did you guys change this once wonderful cigar for the worst!!!!!!.. Bring back our Old Solo Cafes .. PLEASE!!!!!!! I guess ill be looking for a new cigar for the meantime.
Tony in Corona, CA February 5, 2014
"waste of time"
i had been excited to receive these. but after getting them.. they lacked all the aspects of what was hoping. half way through it, then its better
Scott in Kansas August 30, 2012
"Buyer Beware - You can do better"
There is something wrong with the positive ratings given to this cigar because it is definitely amongst the worst I have ever smoked. Each puff is awful and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is loosely filled, uneven burn, will last about five to seven minutes. A total waste of money, I am asking for the credit.
Iftikhar in Beavercreek, Ohio March 11, 2012
"Very enjoyable"
For me, the most important component of the cigar is tast, and these Solo Corona's deliver. I normally do not smoke an enhanced or flavored cigar, but decided to give these a try. I'd recommend you do so as well. I prefer a mild to medium cigar and these fit right in to my preferrence. I bought one as a trial and immediately followed up with a 20 pack. Out of the 5 I have tried so far, all have been very consistent in draw, burn, and construction.
Arthur in Southern CA July 17, 2011
fantastic cigar. Way beyond its value...deserves a 100 rating...amazing. Great flavor, not overly mild but wont knock you out....great great cigar. Constant purchase
Jordan in Rhode Island February 13, 2011
"Disappointed from the first draw."
You may want to get ready to ask for a credit. I thought I'd branch out into some flavored cigars. This one ranks among the worst. It developed a growing, bitter after taste, uneven burn, and a wide range of flavor just between the 3 I've smoked. I have had some machine-made and cheap Phillipino cigars that taste better than these.
John in Boise November 28, 2010
"Don't know yet-taste is cheap after receiving"
Considering I'm a fairly new inexperienced cigar smoker and getting these for the first time, it tastes like it is a lower end smoke, not that it is a bad thing. After opening, the aroma is decent smelling, after cutting the end the initial taste before lighting is sweet and smells nice. After lighting just after getting them as I couldn't wait and lit one up, it does have a 'creamy' texture and consider it an bright tasting, immature, unfinished, inexpensive tasting smoke similar to the difference between a young and a very nice single malt scotch. The draw was nice and consistent, the flavor is ok at the first few puffs. The date code is 6 months ago and there is a hint of sweetness, slight taste of coffee with a harsher feel with a slight aftertaste of ammonia after each puff just after delivery. I'll let them sit in the humidor for some time and see how they mature. The stamped date is 6 months ago. I'd say they are an inexpensive cigar and just after receiving them, don't believe they receive a 91 rating overall but for 2 bucks and change per smoke, I can't give them a good rating. I'll see how they change over the next month-hopefully the ammonia taste will go away because it will prevent me from getting these again.
Todd in Rochester, NY March 30, 2010
"Winter time smoke"
I only drink coffee during cold weather and I want a good morning cigar that I can have all winter long without breaking the bank. For me, Solo Cafe fits the bill at about 40 bucks for a 20 bundle of coronas. They compliment the coffee instead of the coffee and the cigar battling for your taste buds. Excellent smokes for the money with a good burn and the construction isn't what you would expect at this price range. Overall a great deal on a great, get you going morning cigar.
Tyrone T in Mississippi November 2, 2009
"A poor replacement for Kaluha. Terrible."
A poor replacement for Kaluha. Tastes like it was dunked in a cup of strong coffee and left in the sun to dry. Terrible.
~Gary~ in Philly July 24, 2008
"Great Little Smoke, Very Pleased"
I had no idea what to expect from this little guy. I've traditionally been attracted to robustos or anything beefier but have recently been drawn to try something with a smaller ring guage, which led me to these and a few others. Plus, two of my brothers-in-law come over on Sunday evenings now and they like something a little smaller and with a nice flavor or sweet aroma to it. That being said, I thought I'd give these a try. I'm very happy with this stick, to say the least. The bouquet before lighting is pretty nice, and the cigar looks great. Honestly, the construction is flawless, which leads to a perfect burn, the ash is pure white and solid until I tap it off. The draw is wonderful and there's tons of thick, creamy smoke, just like the description states. The smoke's aroma is very pleasant as well. All-in-all, in my book, it's a winner, and I'll definitely buy more when these are gone... great coffee companion for sure! Get some!
Chris in Los Angeles July 17, 2008
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10 Burn (86) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (81) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (88) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (87) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (86) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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