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Solo Cafe Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Lit smoke"
Just recieved my order from FSS and thought I'd try the Solo Cafe first since I was not at all familiar with it..Very nice aroma befor lighting,good flavor after toasting foot.A third of the way down I found myself "hotboxing" to try to draw a mouthful of smoke.Checked to see if it had gone out but no,nice big cherry burning.Gave it a squeeze and found it was loosely rolled.Too bad I only had one in the fusion of flavors sampler to judge it by.Maybe it was a fluke.Except for not being able to take a good was tasty.
Hokan in Lake Elsinore September 20, 2010
This cigar was not good. I could have smoked lawn trimmings and saved a few bucks!!
henry r in rancho cordova September 8, 2010
"not for me"
you know I was going to write a lengthy review on how disappointed I was in this cigar, well just a few words . This cigar has a low end taste, the burn is sometimes even. I let them sit in my humidor for about 15 days. I thought time might make the smoke better. Time might make these better if you had a time machine and went back in time before cigars were made and no one new any better. Seriously ,it might have made a difference if i wouldn't have smoked a Java maduro by drew estates first.
mike in alabama August 26, 2010
"Too mild"
I liked this one the least because it was way to weak. You can inhale a full hit and not even cough the taste was great just not a strong tobacco.
Eric in Reno February 6, 2010
"Not the same cigar as 2 months ago"
The new version of these cigars isn't near as good as the old one ( a couple of months ago). The construction is still pretty good but the taste is completely different. The robusto is not even the same size. It used to be a 5x50 now it is 51/2 x 50. The new version has a nice looking band but they have ruined the cigar's flavor. I used to love them, but I won't be buying any more.
Brad in Chester November 19, 2009
"excellent burn, plenty of flavor"
came with a sampler's pack and this has to be my favorite. not to mention the best price/taste ratio. once you light it up right it will burn evenly til the end, i smoked this right out of the box without the proper humidor treatment and it wasn't dry and dull, excellent wrapping, would definitely buy again.
kyle in new york September 17, 2009
"Fine cigar"
I got three of these with a Java sampler, and liked these better than the Javas. When I compared prices, I was overjoyed. First thing I did was pick up some on auction. I have smoked about 18 of them so far and only had one that had a hard draw. Wrapper stays intact, smoke is thick and smells great, adn it stays lit pretty well too. I smoke them with a mug of coffee -- a nice 30-45 minute morning break before the day begins.
poetentate in Tennessee June 27, 2009
"Not For Me"
Not exactly what I expected. These sticks look good, burn well enough and are firm. Prelight aroma is very pleasant with a mild coffee essence. Unfortuneately, there is an artificial sweetener taste that I can't handle. Would be better if not sweetened at all.
Carl in Ohio April 10, 2009
"Nice change of pace cigar"
I got some of these recently and shared them with a co-worker who enjoys cigars also. We were both impressed the the favor and smoothness. No bitter aftertaste at all. I have found nothing negative about these. All positives.
Milkco in Cincinnati December 6, 2008
"Great right out of the box"
Well I've heard alot about this cigar, alot of bad,But like my grandama siad if don't have anything good to say don't say any thing at all, but grandpa siad there no such thing as bad sex just some better than others. With that siad. This is a great cigar right out of the box in great Famous style. I say try it before you say no compared to what gigars you could end up with off some sites Famous will do you justice on the description on thier cigars. I lite recieved my order next day ground,and becauce of the hype I decieded to lite one up then and there. and the taste taste was great (5), construction (5) Burn even (5+) draw (5). Hey what I say is try a 5 pack and see for yourself, and if you don't like them I'll buy them from you.
Don in Charlottesville, Va April 16, 2008
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