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Solo Cafe Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great coffee cigar"
This is a nice lightly flavored cigar. Burns good and smokes very well. A mellowing cigar. I work nights and have one on the drive home in the morning...makes the ride so much nicer.
Nott in Virginia April 11, 2008
"I beg to differ...besides, times change...."
I've smoked a ton of these Solo Cafes in the last few years, from the corona on up, and from singles to bundles. When they went off the market, I was devastated. Now that they are "back" I see they HAVE changed somewhat. Gone is the box press, but, now we have a good-tasting cigar with a firm ash [ more unexpected ashes in the lap] as well as an even burn. OK, it's NOT as heavy on the chocolate and coffee flavors as the old ones, but the flavors are STILL there and it's STILL a good smoke. I'll STILL buy them, preferring the robusto as the "best buy". There is just nothing else on the market that can compare in price OR quality.
Jeff in SW Ohio December 16, 2007
"Just plain Bad"
Just got a new shipment of the Solo Cafe new mix and was very disappointed. No where near the cigar it used to be. Don't waste your money, this one need some serious work back in the shop.
Jim in November 21, 2007
"Not as good as the first ones"
The new Solo Cafe doesn't compare with the older version. They are not box pressed but they do burn better than before. Ash looks great. Nice draw on the Robustos but the Coronas were a bit tight. The flavor and aromas these cigars had before went missing in action. Previously Drew Estate Java and Solo Cafe Cigars were comparable in taste. I couldn't tell the difference. Now its like night and day. I still have 40 - 50 of the older batch and I will smoke them SPARINGLY.... Still a good Cigar.
Sam in Maryland September 28, 2007
"One of my favorites"
I got a box of these on auction, they sounded interesting, I like the Drew Estate Acid and La Vieja Habana lines, so I thought I would give these a try. Well I was thoroughly delighted in this great tasting smoke. The wrapper has a sweet taste to it that is quite enjoyable, it brings a nice dimension to the smoke. They also have a great aroma. I have tried three so far, the first had a terrible tunneling to it, but I could not put it down because the flavor was so great. The second one burned perfect. The third had a little tunneling problem too. Even with the problems in construction these have moved up into my top three favorite cigars based on the great taste. Note: I love reading the Famous Smoke customer reviews, however I kind of felt like a parasite, so I am writing my first review to become a contributor to this terrific forum.
Dan B in Ballwin, MO February 13, 2007
"When they're good, they're great"
Got a bundle of these babies. So far, only one has been sub par, and it was rolled too loose. The rest of them have been dead on. The burn has been good for the most part. A tad flaky on the ash, but pretty dense for the most part. Taste has been a dead ringer for Java. But I've had Javas that were rolled loose too. These are great, and you can bet I'll be buying more of these in the near future, and keeping the 'ol humidor stocked with these. Great shipping Famous, better than other "online/catalog" stores I have dealt with in the recent past. Two thumbs up.
Dave in Nashville January 26, 2007
"Awesome...... Better than expected!!!"
I picked up a bundle on sale and was hoping they would be close to the Java sticks I bought earlier in the year. I wasn't disappointed..... I actually like these better. They have a slightly sweeter wrapper with excellent draw, soild contstruction and a nice clean burn. Not bad for $1.60 a smoke.
Todd in Northern CA September 13, 2006
""Wow" is an understatement!"
I have done a side-by-side comparison with this cigar and Java, the Drew Estate/Rocky Patel collaboration. Aromatically, they are dopplegangers...They smell and taste almost exactly the same. Instead of a dark Brazilian wrapper like the Java, Drew has replaced it with a rich mexican wrapper that looks just as good in the quality dept., imparts its flavor beautifully, and burns very evenly. The mexican wrapper on the Solo Cafe is more of a caramel color, but goes head to head with Java in quality of wrapper. As I have found with most Drew cigars, they have an almost effortless draw which really enhances the pleasure for me. This cigar is a triumph in many respects, but I mostly applaud Drew for his resourcefulness in recreating that same $8 taste in a $2 budget cigar, without compromising quality. I almost didn't want to write this review, because I don't want to let this secret out but it's too good to keep to yourself. If you love Java's but hate the price, Dr. Joker has the remedy you need.......Solo Cafe. Take a bundle, and chuckle to yourself in satisfaction every time you light one up, knowing that out there somewhere, some poor slob just paid $8-$10 for the same stick you just stole from here. Excelsior!
The Joker in Ohio May 25, 2006
"chewy, heady smoke, dramatically underpriced."
I stumbled across this item on auction and "stole" them for $27.00 with no fore knowledge of what was coming. Isn't it amazing how good a cigar can be when it is really pleasing and you only paid a buck fifty for it? Very well made, firm, medium, with a wonderful bouquet. Suggest you "steal" some for yourself. paul
paul cummins in CA May 18, 2006
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