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"NOT a worthwhile alternative"
Ordered a 5 pack of these to compare them to the Isla del Sol for flavor and value. Burns well, but the flavor is confusing and harsh. I was hoping for something that rivaled the smooth flavor of the Isla but was severely disappointed. Draw was light, almost to the point of feeling like the I was sucking an empty straw then followed by the harsh flavor.
Jeff in Grove City, Oh June 4, 2014
"Windex and Sanka"
I'd heard good things about Solo Cafe, so I ordered a 5 pack to share with my friends who also like coffee infused flavors in their cigars. The results were awful. The cigars smelled like windex and bad coffee. Smoking them did not improve the experience. There were 4 of us and the experience was awful for all. I'm not sure what I m going to do but I certainly won't be smoking or sharing it with my friends. The worst part is every other attribute of this cigar was acceptable. For the love of God please fix the blend or stop selling these.
Mark in El Centro California January 18, 2014
"Great smokE at a great price."
Really good flavor with an incredible 2 in burn! Very mild and smooth. Initial sweetness but smooth light mocha flavor down to about 2/3. Required a little touch up and did go out one me around 3/4 turning a little bitter toward the end but hey for the price a great smoke!
Chuck in Va May 8, 2013
"Thoroughly enjoyed this one..."
Reviews are always subjective to ones preferences...but this cigar was really nice. Mild sweetness to the tongue, and a great creamy, toasty flavor to the smoke. Burn and appearance was fine, nice construction and taste was smooth. Have already bought more.
MD in NJ March 2, 2013
"Little bit underwhelmed"
After reading the reviews of this stick, I was thinking it was going to be great cigar. I was a little disappointed. Great Burn, Wrapper, Draw...etc. But the taste left something to be desired. I was expecting some good mocha flavor, and it was just not there. I even let this sit in my humidor for two weeks before I got around to it. Don't think I will be buying these again.
Ron Billington in Sacramento, CA February 23, 2013
"Very nice, flavorful and relaxing smoke."
Can't beat the price for a nice mocha, latte type smoke. Great draw if you use a plug instead of a cutter. Long ash, smooth and flavorful, no touch ups required even though the wrapper burnt a little uneven at about the half way point. Very satisfied with the quality and price, great cheap smoke.
in November 24, 2012
"These are alright!!"
Well I'm not too sure what all of these negative reviews are about. I had a decent experience with these, sure there's better, but for the price they are pretty good. I got a few of these in a sampler and was pleased! They have a great smell before you light them up, and it burned fine/smoked fine all the way through. Tasted pretty decent as well. In the end, I may have to order me a few more!
Ryan in Lincoln April 7, 2012
"Below my Expectations"
I personally did not taste the 'coffee infusion' on this smoke. It was bad enough that I threw it on the ground after ~2 minutes.
Matt in Farmington, California March 30, 2012
"Not worth it unless you get it for free."
Not sure why so many people compare this to the Java,and I love the Java and Tabak. The Solo Cafe is not even remotely close in flavor and I can't even taste the supposed coffee infused flavor. Cheap smoke, even cheaper taste.
in April 7, 2011
"Not Half Bad"
Being a second time smoker after a bad first experience with some cheap nicaraguans, i wanted to get some flavor in my smokes. I was slightly dissapointed by these but not by much. Smooth and slightly flavorful.
Dave in Buffalo December 16, 2010
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