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Solo Cafe Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Not What it Used to Be"
The earlier iteration of the Solo Cafe was a dry coffee-flavored cigar. They were great: similar to Java, but half the price. This new batch is sweet, with only a faint hint of coffee. I don't care for them.
Dr Jackson Underwood in Saan Diego October 16, 2007
"An American Tragedy"
I understand that this line will no longer be offered by Famous-Smoke. I was fortunate to get the last bundle of toros as well as the remaining single coronas, but I mourn the passing of a really fine, affordable Drew Estate substitute for its Drew Estate cousin, the Java. Good, box-pressed coffee-flavored cigars like the the Java, and especially the smaller Solo Cafe with its box press, too, are very hard to come by. Its mild-medium flavor and nice ash make it appealing to common guys like me to enjoy without breaking the piggybank. So what if one occasionally canoes or tunnels...hold it correctly and it will not. I can honestly say that during the run of the Solo Cafe, I never had to pitch one prematurely due to its imperfections. That's why, to me, the discontinuing of this cigar is an American tragedy.
Jeff in SW OHIO May 17, 2007
I have been stocking up on these. After Ordering 5 boxes there is one left :-) Tastes exactly like the Java and at this price you won't find them ever again. Wish these were sold elsewhere.
Sam Smith in Maryland May 17, 2007
"Love these"
Solo Cafe became my favorite after the first puff. Very similar to Java but affordable. Thick creamy smoke that you want to chew on. I'm very disappointed that this cigar will no longer be carried at Famous Smoke.
Phil Yonkoske in AK April 11, 2007
"Great Taste, Terrible Burn"
Sole Cafe Toros are very similar to Drew Estates Java in taste and aroma. The only drawback to this lower-priced Java alternative is the Sole Cafe Toros's terrible burn. Picked up a bundle of 20 on auction; found that 3 out of 5 canoe, run, tunnel and otherwise burn so badly you need a pair of cigar sissors at hand to keep trimming the things to a smokeable condition. 2 out of 5 will burn just fine. The flavor and taste is wonderful and the draw is fine however, so guess the bad burn is a decent tradeoff for the price. Will buy more, am sharpening cigar sissors. Sole Cafe, get the burn problem solved and you will have a winner here.
Arcadia Point in 472.1LMR April 11, 2007
"nice flavor, bad burn"
They frequently have streaks, but a good flavor which kind balances out the value.
steve tindall in delaware March 19, 2007
"Almost like going to Starbucks."
After reading other reviews of this smoke, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a try. It did not disappoint. I love quite a few of Drew Estates Cigars and I have even tried the Java. It makes for a great second hand cigar, for I could not even tell the difference. My only fear is that the word will get out and they will be harder to come by...Wait did I just say all of that out loud?...Damn it! Ummmm, Don't buy this cigar....uuuuhhhh...It stinks! Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket...Enjoy!
Rob Lynch in CA March 17, 2007
"Very impressive - similar to Java"
I was impressed with the Solo Cafe brand by Drew Estates. Great coffee and dark tobacco taste very similar to the Java. Well rolled, good box pressed appearance and feel. A very good cigar and a great value. It has become one of my favorites.
Holden Winchester in CA January 26, 2007
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10 Construction (86) 100
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