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Solo Cafe Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Ok only"
Ok only. Not much special. I would not buy it again.
Tom in Lax January 13, 2014
"Coffee Cigar Comparison"
I bought a bundle of these along with a box of Isla Del Sol cigars when shopping for coffee flavor smokes a while back. After having smoked a bundle of these and a box of the Isla del Sol, I've found my favorite to be Isla del Sol. These are great smokes for the price. I found them to be a little bit on the strong side for me, I prefer a mild to medium smoke. The Solo Cafe also has a little hint of peppery spice to it. Between the two, the Solo Cafe are a little better construction and will stay together a little better than the Isla del Sol. The Solo Cafe is is a little stronger and they have less sweetness than the Isla del Sol. I prefer a milder more flavored smoke and I find the Isla del Sol to have just the right flavor and strength for me. Isla del Sol is a little closer to the Acid Kuba Kuba if you like that cigar, but much more affordable. If you prefer a medium to strong smoke with less coffee flavor you'll probably prefer the Solo Cafe as they are a stronger smoke with less sweetness of the two. While I prefer Isla del Sol, these are still a good smoke and a great value in cigars.
Mike in New Mexico March 24, 2013
"High end packed in GREAT price"
worth twice the price listed...been smoking them for years.
Jordan in Rhode ISland May 24, 2012
Had the Drew Estates yesterday and the Solo Cafe today. The solo Cafe compared favorably against it and considering the price, a must try!!!
Anthony A in Cookeville, TN February 23, 2012
"not coffee, but pretty good"
This is not a coffee infused cigar. It is a vanilla flavored cigar. Back in college i smoked a pipe. This cigar really tastes like vanilla pipe tobacco. It smells alot like vanilla pipe tobacco as well. Having said that, it was an enjoyable smoke for the first 2/3rds of the cigar. THe last third of the cigar to the band was hot and a bit bitter. Not a bad cigar and worth the price paid. i would recommend it for the golf course or as a desert cigar with cup of decafe after dinner
reg in florida September 8, 2010
"My NEW BEST Cigar!!"
This cigar is just wonderful. This is right up there with Macanudo! If you want a great cigar @ an even better price, you gotta try this! Solo Cafe Toro, you are my #1 Cigar in the Humdor. The sweet taste of the tip is EXQUISITE. THIS IS A MUST HAVE CIGAR...
Ray in Syracuse NY December 7, 2009
"Instant favorite"
As soon as I tried a corona the Solo Cafe became my favorite cigar. Then I tried the Toro and found that bigger is better.If the economy gets any worse I am sure there will be more than a few people who sleep under bridges that find my discarded stogies as a blessing,except without a ring they wont know what they are smoking.
Mrs. Pokie in WA. November 14, 2009
"Gets a bad wrap that it doesn't deserve"
I have had Solo Cafe the old and new blends and they are both very good. I think it is funny how several people complain about how they burn, how the ash holds up, and also compares them to the Drew Estates Java. Lets see Java Robusto $130 per box Solo Cafe $46 a box you can't compare the two. Additionally for the people talking about burn and firmness of the ash there is way too many other variables to consider (where you smoked it, humidor conditions, etc..) If you are looking for a good smoke for a good cost you can't beat the Solo Cafe's. Big James
Big James in Chino Hills May 25, 2008
"Good, cheap, what else you need?"
I've enjoyed solo's before, but was weary due to the negative comments of late, but the ones I got from auction recently were just like the ones I've had before. They aren't as good as a java, but when you can by 3 for the price of 1 java they are good enough for me! Right out of the box, they had good burn, smooth smoke and good taste. It is true that at first they have a sweet hint like Nutrasweet, but that wears off after a few seconds in your mouth.
Jarod in NW Arkansas May 15, 2008
"NOT like a Java"
Ever since Java by Drew Estate vanished, I have been anxious to find something similar. I had heard that the Solo Café could be a comparable replacement. Come to find out the Solo Café line was also sold out when I initially went to buy. I was excited to see that Solo Café came back recently for my chance to compare to the Java. Huge disappointment. I have no idea what the ?old? blend for Solo Café? was like, but this newer blend is terrible. The sweet tip has a nutrasweet after taste. It was like I was smoking a diet Coke. The burn and draw were okay, aside from that it was barely at the level of a ?cigar? you would buy at a corner convenient store.
John in Keizer, OR November 10, 2007
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