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Spiced Wingman #1 Reviews [view details]

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"Very enjoyable smoke."
I was not a cigar smoker and had a Kuba Kuba at my brother s insistance. I really enjoyed it and smoked them for a couple of months. I decided to try something else so the Wingman was a timely deal. Turns out I like the Mantra even more but most smoke shops do not stock them. So I order them by the box now. They are a bit smoother than the Kuba Kuba. Put me in the category that likes these 2 sticks.
Bob in Virginia Beach April 26, 2014
"Pretty Good"
Overall a pretty good smoke. I enjoy the Kuba Kubas and Blondies more, but this one is still better than most.
ThePawofRizzo in OK August 8, 2013
Did not enjoy...
Scott in Mi July 19, 2013
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