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Stainless Table Top V Cutter Reviews [view details]

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"Not worth the money ..."
I won this cutter at auction and was excited about what I paid for it. Well it arrived and I have to say I'm deeply disappointed. The blade on this cutter is dull, I mean really dull! It butchers the cap of your cigar. The slice tears of the whole cap and leaves a slight indentation. Stay away from this product, this is a situation where you get what you pay for.
Marc P in Boston, MA April 15, 2012
"Great while it lasted"
The V-shaped blade that does the cutting turned or revolved, so that it no longer cuts the cigar. I'm going to try to fix it as I have nothing to lose but the body of the cutter seems to be crimped so not made to be taken apart.
Gary in Eugene OR December 25, 2008