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Steel City Reviews

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Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
good taste, but way to loosely rolled
Rocky in indiana April 23, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
"mellow & mild"
I bought some singles for a test run,"Sweet" is much to my liking,very nice everyday smoke,good replacement for Backwoods.I'm ordering a box this visit.Thanks!
KennyO in on the riverbluffs,Minnesota February 19, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
"not impressed, won't buy again"
These are rolled way to loose. You get a lip full of tobacco before you are even half-way through them.
William Conner in Wyoming February 13, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Grape
"Good Smoke but HATE the Wrap"
I have been smoking the Backwoods grape and love them. These taste pretty good but I'm a soggy cigar smoker and the wrap just disappears and gets stuck all over my lips, figures I bought 120 of these :(
Chris in Boston January 18, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
"Needs small Improvement"
Smooth and tasty for what they are, but construction at mouth end needs to be cased better
Paul Damon in pennsylvania January 12, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
"Not a big fan"
The tobacco is rolled really lose. I seriously think one can finish a steel city cigarillos sweets in 10 seconds. Other then that, it is a decent cheap cigarillo.
Harvey in New York January 11, 2011
Steel City Cigarillos Grape
"Where have you been?"
First, let me say how "angry" I am at Famous. Where have these cigars been and why did you take so long to have them? Let's keep these between us!! The smokes are far better than the 'national' guys and at fine price. The taste is spot on and they burn great. Nice for a quick smoke in the cold of Chicago!!
Angry Bill in Chicago, Il. December 16, 2010
Steel City Cigarillos Sweet
"What a Dealio"
WOW. These are far better and CHEAPER than the Swisher Sweets I usually buy from Famous!! Thank for saving me money and getting me a quality smoke.
Joey in Billings, MT December 16, 2010
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