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Steel City Cigarillos Grape Reviews [view details]

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"very good grape cigar"
very good grape cigar, perfect with a beer on a sunny afternon
Philippe in shawinigan, quebec, canada July 10, 2012
in February 5, 2012
Great taste and aroma. Even non-smokers comment on how good they smell. I love them and will continue to smokem until I find better. These are tops. Yes they are softer than the usual cigars but I can adapt just fine.
in February 5, 2012
"Too darn loose"
If you reed the other reviews for Steel City Cigarillos you will see many people note how loose they are rolled, of course I didn't believe any of them and tried them for myself. Since i was enjoying free shipping I tried one of each. The grape wasn't as loose as the sweet, but both were very loosely rolled. I won't try them again.
Doug B in Springfield Mo. November 9, 2011
"Good Smoke but HATE the Wrap"
I have been smoking the Backwoods grape and love them. These taste pretty good but I'm a soggy cigar smoker and the wrap just disappears and gets stuck all over my lips, figures I bought 120 of these :(
Chris in Boston January 18, 2011
"Where have you been?"
First, let me say how "angry" I am at Famous. Where have these cigars been and why did you take so long to have them? Let's keep these between us!! The smokes are far better than the 'national' guys and at fine price. The taste is spot on and they burn great. Nice for a quick smoke in the cold of Chicago!!
Angry Bill in Chicago, Il. December 16, 2010
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