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Super Fuerte Corona Reviews [view details]

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"You get what you pay for..."
A 90 rating? Who's rating these things,Chimpanzees? I bought box because the price was right but I'll make up for it in the butane I'm needing to keep relighting it. The taste is good, but they tunnel, burn hot and constantly go out. I'll throw the rest in the humidor and hopefully in a few months I'll be able to amend this review.
Phil in NJ October 12, 2012
"Smoking these for almost 2 years now"
I got my first as part of a RP sampler and was a little put off that it wasn't an RP band. The draw was good but the burn was uneven and needed correction. It went out entirely at about the midpoint, but dispite this I found it to be a very tasty and satisfying smoke. I have aged a box of them in my humidor and found that after 6 months or so of additional aging, they became a formidible smoke and I strongly reccomend putting some aside for a bit. A very good smoke, lots of leather and nutty flavors with a good finish. Don't let the uneven burn or relights put you off. This is a very tasty cigar.
Bob S in Bristol, CT June 30, 2009
"Great Smoke"
I LOVE Maduros and this is one of my all time favorites. I've been smoking these for 4 years and have found the construction and flavor to be consistent and much more than what you'd expect from a cigar at this price. I'm a RP fan and this is one darn good smoke.
Dan T in Bethlehem, PA January 10, 2009
i wish i'd tried a five sampler first but trusted the Rocky Patel hype. I feel the same about these as the Bahia B-Line = dissapointed. But we live n learn .
CreekEnd in UK August 25, 2008
"great smokes"
indian tabac super fuerte corona's are a definite must-try. they aren't going to best a cohiba black, but for what they cost, they can give the cohiba a run for its money in the overall category. perfect burn all the way through, never loses its great taste (you will smoke this one down to the nub), perfect draw, etc... the corona's stand head and shoulders above the belicoso for the same brand. smaller ring gauges are obviously the key to this brand. try it - you won't be disappointed. it's a milder maduro, but packed with a great flavor nonetheless (being mild doesn't mean that flavor's sacrificed imo). smooth, creamy smoke, with the right amount of earthiness..
bishop in MA June 21, 2008
"Excellent Cigar"
I have smoked over 20 of these Indian Tabac cigars. This is now my favorite cigar. Excellent draw and burn. Excellent flavor. I will continue ordering these cigars. A+
Bryan in Dallas July 20, 2007
"Highly rewarding"
My wife gave me this as a gift. Boy, will she be sorry. She will have to keep me stocked now! Great flavor and aroma. Julius Stuckey
Julius E Stuckey Jr in Bay Minette, Alabama January 14, 2007
"Great intro into maduro"
I too, got this in a sampler. As a novice cigar smoker, I was a bit leary of this 'darkly colored' cigar. Thinking it would be heavy and too harsh for my likeing, I kept it shoved to the back of my humidor for the better part of 2 months. But today, I have the day off and thought I would give it a shot. Very nice cigar that has alot more taste that my typical cigars that I go with. Not harsh in the slightest, burn is a bit un-even as others have pointed out. Flavor is not overpowering. I will buy this cigar again.
Jerry Lynn in TX September 6, 2006
"All Around great!"
This smoke started off incredibly well. Some issues though existed with the burn, and the cigar had a tendency to canoe halfway through, and the ash was very loose, and dropped off in under an inch. However, the flavor and aroma of this hearty cigar made up for any burn issues that existed. Starting off very smooth, this cigar produces ample smoke, and a robust aroma, while maintaining cool and mellow smoke. Towards the tail end, the smoke became more earthy, and reflected tastes of chocolate and carmel. Did not want to put this cigar down!
Andrew S. in San Mateo, CA July 8, 2006
"You Want be Sorry!!!!"
I got some os these and tried one,aveage smoke,now these baby have been stored in my humidor,for about 2 month, the taste and draw, was very rewarding and enjoyable.
JC in West wawick,RI June 2, 2006
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10 Appearance (90) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (89) 100
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