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SWAG Puro Dominicano Reviews

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SWAG Puro Dominicano Ego
I have done pretty well experimenting new smokes here. But boy did I strike out here. This cigar, actually the brand, is terrible! From the moment I picked it up it took me about five minutes to finally be able to unwrap all the coverings. The smoke is just, well, unsmokeable. I have tried four different time just to make sure it wasn't a bad cigar, or me being in a bad frame of mind. Nope, they suck. I can't even give these away.
Daniel in NY December 31, 2013
SWAG Puro Dominicano Quickie
"Powerful intense full flavor"
Powerful intense full flavor that caught me by surprise in a good way. This deceptively named "quickie" cigar lasted close to an hour. Satisfying all the way down to the nub. Throughly enjoyable and a steal at $4.70 per stick.
Teeka in Stroudsburg October 12, 2013
SWAG Puro Dominicano Lavish
"the best of the Swag line"
I have tried several SWAG cigars and have found the Lavish to be the best of them. I keep them in the humidor. It is a powerful, flavorful smoke that really keeps your attention.
Austin in Winston Salem, NC November 30, 2012
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