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Swag S Maduro Ego Grande Reviews [view details]

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"Just Add Some Taste"
Received this cigar as a freebie. Since it was a freebie and a single I only let it sit in the humidor for three days to get some moisture after ten days in the mail. Took it out to the golf course and upon trimming and lighting the first thing that I noticed was the superior construction and heavy weight. A very well packed cigar indeed! The light to medium ash hung on to about an inch and the cigar itself smoked even and slowly down to an inch. Now the bad news, all throughout the smoking of this stick there was no taste...a very mild and flavorless cigar. I do not often review cigars but the insert said "Smoke it. Rate it. Buy it." Well I smoked it, and I am rating it, but I will not buy it. $170.00 for a box of flavorless cigars does not get it with me. I give it a 70 or 7/10. Thanks for the opportunity.
Ronald in San Antonio, TX October 9, 2014
"Over Priced"
Good thing this stick was free. It has all the makings of a premium. Looks great, burns great, perfect draw. However it was as hard as a rock. It did loosen up as I smoked it. The smoke is very harsh and acrid. There is definitely potential here. Some rich flavors were trying to poke through but the burn on my tongue and nostrils was too much to get over and nothing impressive ever materialized from this smoke. Like I said though it was free with my order. Had I paid the listed price I would be returning them right now.
Will in New York September 25, 2014
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