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"It Was All There"
For those with a taste for dark, delicious, delightful, satisfying and strong, this stick will fill the bill.
Mr. Blues in Central MN November 6, 2014
"One Night Stand"
This is my first time experiencing this brand and cigar. I too received this free sample with my order. As I removed it from the cellophane the construction appeared to be well-made and the wrapper wore a slight sheen. The only imperfection noticeable was that the label was not completely aligned. There were no soft spots and it seemed ready to be enjoyed. The aroma was slightly sweet and pungent. I found the draw to be smooth with very little resistance. The initial pre-light taste was reminiscent of the aroma. Lighting up produced rich smoke followed by compact and a straight layered white ash. The first third came on strong with what I thought to be woody, perhaps earthy and acidic. As I burned into second third the taste mellowed slightly but continued to be harsh. So far I had to light up thrice. I could only make it half way through before I had to tap out. I agree with the other reviews in that this appears to be a well made cigar and smokes well, but I find myself cleansing my palate after every draw. Although it isn't right for me, it may be right for you.
Zac in Honolulu October 2, 2014
"Not My Style"
Got one as a freebie. Not a bad cigar but not my style. A bit peppery to start and very woody and earthy. I'm a maduro smoker by habit. This cigar isn't to my taste at all. Second half was a bit better and started to come into a more tobacco-ish flavor but it only hinted at sweetness, and overall left me apathetic by the end of it. I won't be buying any but it was nice to try one.
P.E. in Norman, OK September 27, 2014
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