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Swisher Sweets BLK Cherry Tips Reviews [view details]

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"A Great Smoke"
This is an excellent little cigar! I was extremely disappointed with Swisher Sweets normal line of cigars and was wary of these when I got them. They proved to be strong, a VERY nice aroma, an interesting taste and burned perfectly. I will definitely recommend and buy these again.
Mason G in October 24, 2013
"Very enjoyable"
Made slightly small and plastic tip. After saying that, this are some of the best smaller smokes I have tried. Smooth yet filling, nice equal flavor from start to finish. I can see these becoming my new public cigar.
John S in Kentucky December 26, 2012
"Guilty Pleasure"
I've smoked multiple handmades so I won't pretend like this tops them, but as a Swisher, let-alone a machinemade, this tops all "pipe-tobacco cigars": no tongue-bite, cheap, actually tastes like cherries unlike the Middleton or Blackstone Cherry blends. For $24 for 60, it's quite the guilty pleasure. P.S. I inhale the smoke off these occasionally.
David S in San Antonio, TX August 23, 2012
"Good, but strong"
when i first lit up, it stood out to me how strong this cigar is. for seasoned smokers, you may like this one, but beginners, maybe not so much. i was hoping to get the sweetness that i like from other swishers. in my opinion, i would say go ahead and try these, but maybe get singles and really test them out before you buy a 60 pack.
Jacob in Peoria illinois June 28, 2012
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Taste (97) 100
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10 Construction (93) 100
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Amilcar Perez Castro