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"Get What You Pay For"
I remembered Swisher Sweets being better. Don't get me wrong - they are inexpensive, but the Ugly Coyote little cigars I got with the purchase are better and even less expensive. I won't buy Swishers again - rather just buy the 20 for $20 sampler or the Ugly Coyotes.
CDH in Wisconsin October 13, 2014
"Great value and usually pretty fresh"
9 out of 10 times I get these fresh but others not so.. Who do I write to if to complain of the 1 s I do get bad and how to get my $ back on them.. The past 30 yrs. I've gotten quite a few bad in the pack or a few even stale! Please help on this matter!! Mike B.
michael baldridge in 7844 normandie blvd. middlebur February 8, 2014
"Good and Cheap"
For a cheap gas station cigar, I can't complain too much. After going through a box of 60, I found some were packed too tight and the draw noticeably suffered. Most were very good and stayed lit easily. The taste at first was sweet as expected, but got slightly bitter as it burned. A good smoke for budgets, that's for sure.
Landon in Maryland January 27, 2014
"Sweet cigar!"
The best and sweetest cheapest cigar you will ever smoke! I love these!
Andrew in Lancaster, OH May 28, 2013
"Hell Yeah"
A Awesome cigar better then higher priced cigars,Try it you will love it.
Adam in Kentucky May 7, 2013
"Great Swisher"
Good everyday smoke. PreCut, individally wrapped. and you dont have to keep them in a humidor. Great cigar
Cole in Alabama July 8, 2012
"cheap and good!!!"
if your looking for alot and cheap look no more this is it this is a very good cheap i do recommend
Eusebio in Texas May 2, 2011
"Great Smoke"
I've found lately that some of the cheaper stogies fare much better than some of the more costly smokes. These are an A in my book.
Josh Steffen in Burke, SD February 1, 2011
"Great for the Price!"
Awesome, quick smoke for a little more than 50 cents a pop. Only negative is a tar-like aftertaste.
Sam in Chico, CA September 11, 2010
"Not to bad for the price."
A good consistent cheap cigar.
David C. in Ohio December 22, 2009
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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