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Swisher Sweets Reviews

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Swisher Sweets Outlaws Rum (8)
"Good 15 minute cigar"
I ve tried others like the Ugly Coyote and Backwoods but they don t compare. On a rare occasion you might come across a hard draw/wrapped to tight, but mostly pretty consistent. I ve tried other small quick cigars but always come back to the Outlaws. Guess there is nothing out there. Looks like I m here to stay, no more looking.
Michael in Northborough, MA November 25, 2014
Swisher Sweets Blunts
"Get What You Pay For"
I remembered Swisher Sweets being better. Don't get me wrong - they are inexpensive, but the Ugly Coyote little cigars I got with the purchase are better and even less expensive. I won't buy Swishers again - rather just buy the 20 for $20 sampler or the Ugly Coyotes.
CDH in Wisconsin October 13, 2014
Swisher Sweets Cigarillos 69c
"Don't Listen to Any of the Other Reviews on This"
Don't listen to any of the other reviews on this site. The foil wrap is perfectly easy to open and I never have had a problem. The foil wrap keeps the cigar perfectly fresh much, much longer than the old wrap. If you want fresh Swishers and especially if you live outside the USA, these are the ones you want.
CDH in Wisconsin October 13, 2014 September 21, 2014
Swisher Sweets Outlaws Original Blend Mild (8)
"Great little cigars"
These Outlaws are delicious! They are similar to backwoods though they have much better construction and are overall better. Through my first pack of 8, I had no holes in any cigars. They burn nice very even. They only problem I had is they go out if you don t puff them very often. The taste is phenomenal. Love the old western rugged look to them as well. Highly reccomended!
John in Illinois July 30, 2014
Swisher Sweets Little Cigars Mild (20)
"simply the best"
been smoking these for years the only ones to buy
Mark in chrisman Il July 16, 2014
Swisher Sweets Perfecto
"the best cigar ive ever had"
best cigar i have had even though im new to cigar smoking great sweet taste and last for a good half hour
James in philadelphia July 15, 2014
Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos (6)
Yeah $60 is way to much i was getting case of these from smoke shop down the road for only $38
charles ramsey in South Carolina July 3, 2014
Swisher Sweets Little Cigars Regular 10/20
"I love these cigars"
I wish I could be notified when they will be back in stock! I usually order 4 cartons, so would appreciate you stocking them soon!
Debbie in Colorado June 22, 2014
Swisher Sweets Blunt XL Upright
"Great Smoke"
great smoke taste and just a fun cigar to smoke
Jason in Jackson,Tn June 3, 2014
Swisher Sweets Outlaws Rum (8)
"Pretty good for the price."
better than alot of others i have tried
James in Pittsburgh, PA May 1, 2014
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