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Swisher Sweets Outlaws Original Blend Mild (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Great little cigars"
These Outlaws are delicious! They are similar to backwoods though they have much better construction and are overall better. Through my first pack of 8, I had no holes in any cigars. They burn nice very even. They only problem I had is they go out if you don t puff them very often. The taste is phenomenal. Love the old western rugged look to them as well. Highly reccomended!
John in Illinois July 30, 2014
"Better than Backwoods"
Burns well and a good flavor, lately the end which goes into your mouth has been rolled poorly and the tobacco comes apart. Overall I'm pleased with this cigar.
John Stallone in Mesquite, NV March 25, 2014
"Better than backwoods!"
Good cowboy type smoke, old rustic looking, good sweet flavor. I was a backwoods fan for years, but then they went downhill, these are a great replacement. If you liked backwoods, youll like these
Cole in Alabama July 8, 2012
"awesome cigar,better than regular swisher sweets"
I ordered one pack to try them.After one cigar I turned around and ordered the 48 count pack which is on its way. Love them!
vance in california May 28, 2012
"Mild cigar and Hawaii sunset"
I'm not a big cigar expert and I only smoke a cigar infrequently. So, when I lit this cigar and felt how smooth and comfortable it was I had to enjoy it watching the sunset from my house in Hawaii. Classic great feeling. Love it.
Manu in Hawaii July 5, 2011
"Great Cigar for a MC ride"
I have smoked Swisher Sweets for over 20 years. As a Biker, the one thing this cigar has over others is that when riding, the end does Not fall off-hot. I have never had to worry about the ashes causing a fire. I have always enjoyed the taste of this cigar.
Jerry Numon in Torrington, WY March 7, 2011
"Excellent for the price"
I was worried that they would not taste any good and would have a horrible draw because they were so cheap for 48 of them. But they turned out to be excellent. I recommend them.
Doug in Florida September 7, 2009
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