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"Good 15 minute cigar"
I ve tried others like the Ugly Coyote and Backwoods but they don t compare. On a rare occasion you might come across a hard draw/wrapped to tight, but mostly pretty consistent. I ve tried other small quick cigars but always come back to the Outlaws. Guess there is nothing out there. Looks like I m here to stay, no more looking.
Michael in Northborough, MA November 25, 2014
"Pretty good for the price."
better than alot of others i have tried
James in Pittsburgh, PA May 1, 2014
"Probably my favorite everyday cigars"
I started with Backwoods, and then found the original flavor Outlaws. I feel they have a stronger flavor, more robust build, and aren't as dry and crumbly as the Backwoods. After trying the Rum flavor I rarely ever smoke the originals although they are great too. Love everything about these just wished they were cheaper (although they are far cheaper on this sight than retail!)
Brent in January 1, 2013
"very good rum flavored cigar"
I use to smoke the Outlaws originals,but now I am hooked on the double barrels!They are consistant,have more flavor,and draw great.Thanks to the advice of a nice person I am glad I tried them and I would highly recommend them!Vance in California.
vance in california October 1, 2012
"Pretty Good"
I haven't smoked these in years, they became very hard to find. Their just like I remember them. Pretty good smoke, flavor and burn. Great for a break in the day.
j'mo in Missouri August 27, 2012
"So-so cigar"
I've tried these a couple times and just can't get into them. The idea was appealing (larger, Backwoods-style cigars for less money), but these ones just seem to be lacking in flavor compared to the backwoods. Unfortunately since Backwoods stupidly discontinued their Rum flavor, this is the last one in the game. Points for consistent construction and value for your money though.
Garrett in WV January 7, 2011
"Rolled too damn tight"
Extremely tight roll. Too hard to draw. These look a lot like the ugly coyotes which are also too tightly rolled.
Robert in Cleveland March 23, 2010
"Double Barrel Fatty"
I like these. Good price, good taste. About 1 out of 8 was a little tough on the draw. They are bigger then the Backwoods I smoke too. Backwoods have a better room smell but I will buy these for the road.
BEN ROBINSON in VACAVILLE September 15, 2009
"#1 Rum Cigar"
Used to smoke Rum Soaked Crooks forty years ago. Can't find them anymore. Found Swisher Outlaws" and they ARE GREAT !!! Great taste, mild, smokes good and great price. Thank You - Mel Krei - Fortuna, CA.
Mel Krei in June 7, 2008
"Best Rum Cigars Going"
Been ALL OVER looking for a ghood rum soaked cigar. Found Swisher Outlaws on internet. Arrived today. WOW !!! It was worth the wait. Great sweet, mild cigars and best run cigars I've ever smoked. THANK YOU - Mel
Melvin in Fortuna, CA. June 5, 2008
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