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Swisher Sweets Perfecto Reviews [view details]

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"the best cigar ive ever had"
best cigar i have had even though im new to cigar smoking great sweet taste and last for a good half hour
James in philadelphia July 15, 2014
"Great "cheap" cigar"
I've been smoking Swisher Sweets for three years and the perfecto is my favorite. The burn and consistency is okay for being machine made but the taste is always great with a cold drink.
Brent in Granite City, Il April 9, 2013
they have a great sweet taste,and the aroma is the best,would not smoke any thig else
mike in augusta, georgia March 22, 2012
"great affordable cigar.won,t smoke anything eles."
not all packes are good rolls. improve on the rolling not go up on the price. I,ve smoked expensive cigars, none match the teast of a perecto. I,m hooked on this cigar. keep up the good work.
adolfo prokuda in rialto calif December 13, 2011
"inexpensive, mild, sweet, enjoyable"
Usually, most;y enjoyable but sometimes a thickness somewhere along the length that makes draw difficult or impossible
harold o in rochester, ny September 14, 2011
"Mild and tasty"
The swishers are a wonderfully mild and tasty cigar,and they are by far the best cigar available in the circle I travel in. I am an over the road trucker and expensive cigars are not commonly sold in truck stops.
Very good cheap cigar in Orangeville, ON, CA May 11, 2011
"Good cheap cigar!!!"
Its a pretty good cheap cigar. I enjoyed it... It lasted about 40 minutes and I enjoyed every minute of it. Good cigar!
Fredrick in Orange County April 28, 2011
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