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"Amazingly Nasty."
To be totally honest, Swishers Wood Tips are the most foul tasting "gas station" cigars I've ever had. If you want to taste test, roll some drier lint and wood chips in printer paper and light up, because that's what these babies taste like. There are many comparable brands in the same price range that are a world better; even other Swisher products. Stay away from these.
Charlie CB in Vermont September 2, 2010
"Probably the worst cigars I've ever smoked."
Long time ago before I had smoked a whole lot of cigars, I used to smoke Swishers all the time. Then I discovered that even for so-called "gas station" smokes, there was so much better out there. I really can't handle Swishers anymore, they're so bitter and harsh. If you must go cheap, get a flavored Phillie, or try something much smoother and more defined like a Dutch Masters, Backwoods, or Middleton's.
Dan in July 15, 2008
"Great Little Guys"
Been smoking Swisher cigars for years. Great little smoke; Sweet, mild and great price. Thank You - Mel Krei - Fortuna, CA.
Mel Krei in June 7, 2008
The more the merrier
rich in ny ny October 1, 2003
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10 Construction (61) 100
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