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Tabak Especial Reviews

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Tabak Especial Toro Dulce
"Awesome after dinner smoke!"
Not quite what I had expected but far better! Nice even burn, great draw and excellent taste if you enjoy an infused smoke.
Joe Ferguson in Plainfield April 3, 2014
Tabak Especial Toro Negra
"Highly Disappointing"
I tasted absolutely no coffee or any flavors at all with mine. I ve got another one of these and two more Tabak smokes to maybe this was just a bad one...but I literally couldn t finish it. It coated the back of my throat with a heavy, overwhelming, bitter tobacco flavor. After a perfect cut at the tip the wrapper began to peel as well. It put off a TON of smoke for what thats worth. I ve only been smoking for a few months and this is maybe only my 20th cigar, but its far and away the worst one I ve had so far.
Brandon in Kentucky March 9, 2014
Tabak Especial Toro Negra
"Not Good."
I could taste absolutely ZERO flavors of anything. Was very strong, gave me a headache, wrapper started peeling after a perfect cut. Didn t even finish it...I have 1 more of these that I will be gifting to a friend now and 2 different Tabak s that I hope will taste better. It did put out a ton of smoke though..
BMo in Kentucky March 8, 2014
Tabak Especial Toro Dulce
"Unique, but nice"
I brought some of these of cigar monster, without realising that they were an infused cigar. I found the tip so sweet. I had it with a cup of coffee, and the sweetness from the cigar, made the coffee taste very nice. Could only taste tobacco in last half. nice tobaccos though. the flavour on the tip did not wear off, it was there right to the end. would I smoke one again, Yes, would I make it a regular No. Nice for a change, and coffee is better than botanicals.
Douglas in New Zealand March 8, 2014
Tabak Especial Robusto Negra
"The best"
The best cigar ever
Greg in Georgia February 27, 2014
Tabak Especial Corona Dulce
"Tabak Especial Thumbs Up"
Just smoked one of these cigars. I don't have a fancy review, but have been trying all kinds of cigars for the last year. This is by far the best thing I've smoked. Nice coffee flavor. The taste is perfect, no strong cigar after taste. This cigar leaves a sweet after taste on the lips and tongue, with a coffee flavor in the mouth. The price per unit for everyday smoking is a little bit high here, but it was worth the money. Now I just need to see if I can get this in a cigarillo as the 4.75 X 46 is more than I'd like to smoke at one time. My experience with others is that it takes a full size cigar to get proper flavor. This of course is simply my opinion or my perceived experience. This definitely deserves 3 thumbs up!
Jaime in AZ February 9, 2014
Tabak Especial Belicoso Negra
"Meh, Construction As usual from Drew Estate"
Love them, but the thought of getting the usual 3-6 bad smokes per box, keeps me from buying any more boxes. If you get a good one, it is a great smoke, nice draw, unique flavor. Get a bad one and you are cussing...
Robert in NJ January 29, 2014
Tabak Especial Robusto Negra
Was not impressed - regardless of the high ratings...The taste was that of some cheap flavored cigar...Left a nasty aftertaste after each draw...Caused a funky cocoa odor in my humidor...Came in a 5 pack sampler - I tossed the other 4 in the trash.
Freddy December 26, 2013
Tabak Especial Robusto Negra
"My favorite..... so far!"
Just started smoking cigars seriously about two months ago. Have tried about 20 different cigars from mild to full. Tabak Especial burns great, tastes great from start to finish, draws very easy and keeps it shape throughout the smoking. I love this cigar!
Jeff H. in Wisconsin December 26, 2013
Tabak Especial Robusto Negra 5 Pack
"Best out there..."
Most flavored cigars are mediocre at best. This cigar is a big exception. I'm crazy about the flavor of this one. It's simply is delicious and satisfying,
Chris B November 26, 2013
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