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Tabak Especial Colada Negra Reviews [view details]

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The cigar has a very spicy taste to it, with a sweet tasting wrap. The larger sizes have a very sweet wrapper and are very flavorful until the half way point then very sour. After about 2" of sour it turns to a tar taste until the end. Would only recommend the corona size. I have smoked about 40 of the corona's and 2 or 3 of the other sizes. But it always ended up the same way with the bigger cigars of this class.
william in nj January 11, 2011
"Tabak Especial Colada Negra was a terrible choice."
I ordered the Tabak Especial Colada Negra because the Tabak Especial Corona Dulce was out of stock. Even recieved a free 50 box of the Short Shot Negra. Still not worth it. Rough burn and construction on both.
~Gary~ in Newtown Square, PA January 11, 2010
"Awesome Cigars"
I tried the negra and the dulce, and I prefer the negra, both are very well constructed with a shaggy foot. Both light easily and maintain a nice burn with a bright white ash which holds well. The flavor of the negra is coffee and chocolate, both are worth the cost and are an excellent smoke.
K. Krebs in Washington State July 29, 2009
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10 Construction (81) 100
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