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Tabak Especial Corona Dulce Reviews [view details]

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"Tabak Especial Thumbs Up"
Just smoked one of these cigars. I don't have a fancy review, but have been trying all kinds of cigars for the last year. This is by far the best thing I've smoked. Nice coffee flavor. The taste is perfect, no strong cigar after taste. This cigar leaves a sweet after taste on the lips and tongue, with a coffee flavor in the mouth. The price per unit for everyday smoking is a little bit high here, but it was worth the money. Now I just need to see if I can get this in a cigarillo as the 4.75 X 46 is more than I'd like to smoke at one time. My experience with others is that it takes a full size cigar to get proper flavor. This of course is simply my opinion or my perceived experience. This definitely deserves 3 thumbs up!
Jaime in AZ February 9, 2014
"Perfect, Tasty, Rich but Not Strong"
I like rich but not strong and I like a little sweetness-- this is perfect. Clearly a quality smoke.
Coo Joe in oklahoma September 20, 2013
"Outstanding Cigar!"
Sweet cigar with coffee flavor. Mild cigar that is perfect after a dessert dish or morning coffee. Will be buying a box of these!
Anthony in California May 15, 2013
"Great Cigar!"
Very smooth. Nice, even burn. All around outstanding cigar. Wish the price was a tad lower though
James in Clarksville, TN February 27, 2013
"Sweet Treat"
Great coffee taste. Aroma is delightful and lasted the entire time the cigar was lit. Burned nice and even, and ashed nicely too. Very creamy treat.
Arad1973 in Katy, Tx March 26, 2011
"Good Cigar Wish It Was Cheaper"
I thought the taste was great. It burned well and seemed to be constructed well.
Jason in Fayetteville February 26, 2010
"Good but there is better for the money"
Im a Drew Estates fan and enjoy the coffee/java flavors in the am with my coffee. I thought this was a bit overpriced for what it was and that the Isla DelSol was a much better cigar and better priced.
Joe in Poconos August 26, 2009
"My New Kahlua !"
I was extremely disappointed when I heard the Kahlua cigars were being discontinued . It was immediately recommended that I try the Tabak Especial Dulce Corona...so I ordered 5 to start with. I opened up my package...caught the aroma...and the first cigar never got into my humidor ! It's very close to the Kahlua in aroma and flavor...the cigar burns beautifully...has an excellent draw...and has a smooth...sweet flavor to the end...it's pure excellence ! The Tabak Especial cigars with the Negra wrapper obviously have a richer...different flavor that I didn't enjoy as much...but definitely try these....either one !
Joe in Lynchburg,VA November 4, 2008
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (93) 100
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10 Appearance (98) 100
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10 Taste (95) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (94) 100
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