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Tabak Especial Negra 5 Count Sampler Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke"
Well let me start by saying I totally disagree with the other reviewers. This is a truly great smoke ...... Really full of flavor, which is mostly coffee..... As it should be it's coffee infused. Burns well with a great ash, nice aroma that even cigar haters" LIKE". This has been my go smoke for 4+ years now and I have never been disappointed.
Richard in Seacoast NH February 17, 2013
"not bad 'for free' that is"
got these with the coupon, did not know they were flavored....ahhh sweet cigars not for me but nice aroma, construction, well built cigar, kind of an after work during the week smoke...but i would not buy them...ah well
russell in brigantine, nj September 26, 2012
"Great Smoke"
Great smoke and Awesome smell and taste
Marc in Sarasota,FL August 5, 2011
"Occasion treat"
Starts off really sweet but settles out into a mellow coffee. Not a cigar I will smoke very often but it's comforting to have a couple in the humidor for when the mood hits me. Nice cigar to have with a lovely lady and a double Tuaca on the rocks.
Paul Suffridge in Norman,OK May 10, 2011
"Not for me"
You'll like this cigar if this is the kind of cigar you like. Me? It was so sweet it almost made me sick to my stomach. Not for me.
Stephen in Carmel, IN September 25, 2010
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