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Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce Reviews [view details]

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"too sweet"
Please take note, this cigar has a sweetned cap. Way to sweet. Tastes very artificial and overwhelms all other flavors. Burns even, looks good, great ash but, I can't get over the horrible taste on the cap. As if it were dipped into sweet n low. I remember enjoying a Java a few years back and took a shot at these hoping for a similar experience but, I am very disappointed. Sweet cap ruined it. I will try clipping the head off of one completely in hopes of getting to taste the tobacco next time. Don't waste your money on these.
j smokie in socal December 29, 2011
"Stunningly good"
The best cigar I've ever had, bar none. Smooth, creamy, aromatic and mild. When lit, everyone wants to know what you are having; the aroma permeates everything and it tastes just as good. Absolutely fantastic.
Mike in Austin, TX October 31, 2011
"Blown away!"
This cigar gave me a very interesting experience. At first it's almost too sweet as if the head was dipped in cake icing, but then about a quarter to a third of the way through, things calmed down, and the flavor became really smooth and mild. As the cigar came towards the end, some darker tones showed up lightly, but a faint sweetness still made it pleasant. As for construction, I was curious about the rough foot, but I found that it actually allows for a quicker light than with a regular foot. It seemed to burn fast at the beginning, but as the flavor mellowed, the burn slowed down and it lasted me a good hour without a relight. All in all, amazing. I may have found a new favorite!
Ed in Paola, KS October 15, 2011
"Outstanding Treat....Excellent Construction"
The Tabak Especial is a true cigar. Not a throw together with mixed filler as an after thought. It is made with long filler tobaccos and is constructed by experienced Torecedors. The smoke is voluminous and has a very unique taste. It is not dipped in some syrupy flavoring agent it is flavored using Drew Estate's flavor rooms. It burns even and slow and produces a long ash. It is a medium body. Do not pass this one by it is a real treat.
Mitchell F. in Eastern, North Carolina October 9, 2011
"I don't like coffee - But I LOVE these"
Good construction, good draw, nice ash and sweet... It's quite a surprise to me that I like these as much as I do. Buy at least the 5 pack... You'll be unhappy if you only buy 1...
BK in Frisco, TX September 9, 2011
"Nice smoke with good flavor"
Nice smoke with a nice even burn and great draw. A little too sweet for my taste.
Fred in West Pamm Beach, Fl August 21, 2011
"Taste and Aroma"
Great smoke the taste and aroma are excellent. Im a big fan of the sampler
Marc in Florida July 22, 2011
"Great cigar, light, nice draw... gotta try it.."
Friend of mine gave me one to try and I have to say I've found a new smoke. Its flavor is light, the aroma is sweet and the draw is just right. Nice and smooth. Keep doing what you do best.
Robert Williams in Columbus, GA. May 9, 2011
"My New Favorite"
Excellent smelling cigar with and even better taste. A solid and consistent burn all the way through. Finished a 5-pack and just bought a 24.
Alex in NJ May 9, 2011
"Great, but not to my liking"
Firstly, great cigar, well made, great draw, good burn.'s very sweet. i mean, suger packet dipped in syrup- sweet. I barely got halfway through; luckily, my brother seemed to love it. Getting to the point, i didn't like it purely because i'm not a flavoured-cigar-type.
Praetorian in Ohio February 18, 2011
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