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Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce Reviews [view details]

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"Great, but not to my liking"
Firstly, great cigar, well made, great draw, good burn.'s very sweet. i mean, suger packet dipped in syrup- sweet. I barely got halfway through; luckily, my brother seemed to love it. Getting to the point, i didn't like it purely because i'm not a flavoured-cigar-type.
Praetorian in Ohio February 18, 2011
"excellent stick"
This is one of my favorites. Great construction and superb draw. This cigar is somewhat sweet, however it has agreat taste!!
henry in rancho cordova September 8, 2010
"Dulce de Leche!"
An incredibly sweet cigar to the mouth! You can feel your blood sugar rise on the spot! I didn't taste much coffee, rather dulce de leche. While the taste of the cap was overbearing, the effect of soaking tobacco in candy is not nearly so pronopunced on the flavor of the smoke. The smoke was mild, slightly flavor infused and very pleasant, none of the bitterness you sometimes get when you draw deep on a mild cigar. I wonder if they should simply not infuse the would make for a much more subtle experience.
in September 7, 2010
"wow great taste !"
wow great tasting cigar, its like a eating chocolate,good draw, gets a little hot on the finish, of course i smoked it till i burnt my fingers
bob in ohio May 16, 2010
"Great smelling cigar!"
I am not a coffee drinker, but I did like the flavor in this cigar. When I punched the end cap, the cap came off so my initial reaction wasn't too good. Then I lit the cigar and wasn't thrilled with the initial taste. Once the cigar settled in, it was excellent! The burn was consistent and I actually got compliments from those around me on the smell of this cigar - almost has a pipe like smell to it. I would recommend this cigar for everyone to at least try once!
Jim in Indianapolis, IN February 12, 2010
"When they said sweet... they meant SWEET!"
Boy, when they said sweet... they meant SWEET! I like a little sweetness, but this smoke was just too sweet for me. It looks great, felt great, lit great with an excellent draw but... ouch the taste. This cigar was simply unpleasant for me to smoke and I put it out in the snow. I just don't get it. I like med. to full tasting cigars but, this for me was nasty. Just goes to show me that I can't always trust the ratings I see posted. Good luck.
MARK Z in IL February 9, 2010
"A cigar for your sweet tooth"
Sweet from the moment you smell it, light it, smoke it, and finish it. Wrapper adds the phillie-like sweetness with all the familiar kicks of a refine cigar. "Dulce" is the perfect word.
Felipe in WA January 11, 2010
"what a pleasant tasting surprise...."
Purchased 10 5x54 N and 5 5x54 maduro.... It was a sweet surprise....the draw, burn, taste was different then the Oliva we (wife and I)normally smoke, nonethe less I am giving serious consideration to purchasing a us it was very relaxing smokel.
roy in NYS December 13, 2009
"My Favorite"
Personally I love this cigar. It has great taste, Perfect body. Drew Estate has always been a favorite of mine. Since they discontinued the Khalua line, I didn't know where to go, and low and behold Drew Estate takes care of me. It has a mild body, just perfect for afternoon doing pretty much anything. Not to strong to leave you sick, but not to light to make you feel cheapened. I guess my first statement says it all. I love this Cigar.
Doug in Vicksburg,MI November 4, 2009
Too sweet for me. Was given to me at a tasting event. Does not have as strong a chocolate flavor as Kahlua, but if you like chocolate cigars, this fills the bill. Reasonable construction, just not for me
Ben in Monroe,LA May 17, 2009
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