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Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce Reviews [view details]

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"Enjoyable smoke"
This is a great overall cigar if you like them mild. Good taste, nice draw and even burn.
Brad in MN October 18, 2013
"Great Morning Cigar"
One of the best cigars I've had in the morning with a coffee. So far my top 5 best !!
Mark C in Indiana July 26, 2013
"Smooth and Flavorful"
Smooth easy draw and a wonderful coffee flavor to it. Was not surprised when I found out Drew Estate was behind this amazing stick.
Dan in New York June 18, 2013
"Too mild for my liking"
I tried the Tabak Especial Robusto Negra and loved every moment of it. This stick was far from it. Great aroma as always from Drew, but the taste... was flat. It's definitely a mild cigar, and for mild cigar lovers, this is a good one to try. I like medium/medium to full and found this cigar rather lacking. Toward the back end it started to get some vanilla, but was mostly just smoke. Draw was pretty tight, and as a result, the burn went a bit crazy. If you like mild cigars, give this a go. If you don't, move along, not much to see here.
Vin M. in Denver, CO May 28, 2013
"It felt wrong?"
I picked up two of these while trying out several sweet/coffee based cigars and I can't say I agree too much with everyone. It feels wrong to go off and say it but the taste on these did not really appeal all too much to me. The sweet tip was nice and the smell of the cigar was pleasant pre-smoke, but I felt as if the cigar itself wasn't very nice. I'd honestly go to say try out an Isla Del Sol or Kuba Kuba if these come to mind.
Alex C. in VA January 3, 2013
First time for this dulce. I do not like the bite of a full flavor cigar, and like the infused and sweet cigars. This cigar was great from beginning to end!!
Steve in California August 15, 2012
"One of the best!!"
Drew Estate does it again!! One of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Sweet taste with a very nice aroma.You will not go wrong with this cigar.
Randall in Angier,NC August 1, 2012
"Nice, but a little too sweet"
I bought a 5 pack of these as well as some Isla Del Sols also by Drew Estate. These were just a little too sweet and creamy, still a good smooth smoke though. I like the Isla Del Sols better, they are not so overwhelming.
Steven in Washington State July 22, 2012
Personally I prefer the Negra, but if you like flavored cigars these are a must try.
Doug Brewer in Springfield Mo April 25, 2012
"Tabak Robusto Dulce"
Great cigar and everyday smoke! I love these!
Son D. in San Jose, Ca February 2, 2012
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