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Tabak Especial Robusto Negra Reviews [view details]

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I ordered the estate sampler, not sure what I was going to get, but I was very surprised with this cigar. Great flavor, sweet but nice, with a nice fullness. Just added to my favorites.
Omar in Los Angeles Area September 1, 2011
"Great Option"
I purchased a few of these. They came in and have a different look to them. I found them very interesting and unique. Although a bit sweet, they are a fun smoke and I will definitely keep some around. Great to smoke with friends. I highly recommend them - sweet, and to me a much better taste than the Acids.
Goldy in Dallas August 23, 2011
Got one of these in a sampler. Great milder smoke with a wonderful bouquet and flavors. Very easy pull and flavors that lightly caress your tongue, even down to the nub!
John in Virginia July 26, 2011
"Great cigar. The best cigar I have found."
If you are looking for a flavored cigar, this one is the best. Great flavor & taste. My #1 cigar.
Cary in July 9, 2011
"Very Pleased"
smooth draw,even burn.A non smoker opined on 'pleasant Aroma.
C.B. in Folsom,Ca. April 3, 2011
These cigars have a very sweet taste to them. It's a nice change to the typically spicy cigar. This is my second box. I highly recommend them.
Cody in Jacksonville, FL March 2, 2011
Oh yeah! Great taste, great burn, execellent smoke. You'll want to lite up another right after the first one, hmmmm
Kenneth Snead in El Paso, TX December 10, 2010
"My Favorite Cigar"
For the price range, this is my favorite cigar.... great taste.
Zach in Minnesota November 19, 2010
"Love it!"
In my opinion this cigar has a nice, medium strength tobacco flavor, with just the right amount of coffee infused. Its not like other infused cigars where the syrupy sweetness and infused aromas overpower the tobacco. I still felt like i was smoking a legitimate cigar! ...And the aroma caught the interest of many smokers and non-smokers alike!... I'll be smoking these more often!
in October 11, 2010
"I don't get it"
I took a chance on this box of robusto because of the positive reviews and the sale. This review is from the first stick I smoked: the flavor, the draw, and the burn is good but I was expecting more; maybe too high expectations on my part. I could taste the infused flavor but barely any tobacco flavor or strength, which is why i smoke cigars. This Tabak Especial in particular, and possibly Drew Estates in general is not for me. Hopefully they mature with age in the humidor or the next one is better the second time around.
Dennis in Honolulu July 18, 2010
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