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Tabak Especial Toro Dulce Reviews [view details]

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"Awesome after dinner smoke!"
Not quite what I had expected but far better! Nice even burn, great draw and excellent taste if you enjoy an infused smoke.
Joe Ferguson in Plainfield April 3, 2014
"Unique, but nice"
I brought some of these of cigar monster, without realising that they were an infused cigar. I found the tip so sweet. I had it with a cup of coffee, and the sweetness from the cigar, made the coffee taste very nice. Could only taste tobacco in last half. nice tobaccos though. the flavour on the tip did not wear off, it was there right to the end. would I smoke one again, Yes, would I make it a regular No. Nice for a change, and coffee is better than botanicals.
Douglas in New Zealand March 8, 2014
I enjoy one of these the first thing in the morning, and the last thing in the evening!
Will in Indianapolis July 14, 2013
"Great smoke... Had Problems With The Label"
I love the taste of this cigar. It burns great. But I must have had a flawed batch. When I went to take the label off the tip it took part of the wrapper with it. It was like the label had too much glue on it and it was stuck to the cigar. It also happened with the main label. Other than that I enjoyed them.
Paul in Minnesota July 10, 2013
"Saturday Morning Smoke"
Good smoke. First time trying so I did not anticipate the sweetened wrapper. Don't care for it so used wet paper towel to wipe off the sweet at cut end. Worked quite well. Very unique taste due to coffee infused tobacco. Great burn and draw. Whole box is consistent. Average appearance.
in Seattle July 7, 2013
"Wow! Tasty!"
I got one of these free with some other Drew Estate purchases and WOW they are delicious! It's like coffee with some creamer! It's taste is great and the aftertaste is also great! Love it!
Nathan Hartwell in Florida February 22, 2013
"Great Cigar. Flavour is amazing."
I have recently gotten into smoking cigars and thr Drew Estates Toro Dulce is by far one of my favorites. The flavours are consistant. The only gripe is since I chew on them for a while before smoking, the wrapper wants to start to crack and peel away. Dispite that flaw, I will continue to order box after box.
Sheri in Humboldt TN January 13, 2013
"Best flavored smoke"
I like medium bodied cigars,and like a little flavor to them. I've tried these, Java, Isla Del Sol, and Solo Cafe. These are the hands down best of those. They light easy, have a good draw, and burn even. The flavor is nice, but not too mild. And the tip is sweetened, so if that's not for you don't buy these. But the sweetened tip flavor goes away after a few minutes. Great cigar.
Chris in Wisconsin July 1, 2012
"Great smoke!!!!"
I was looking for a good flavored smoke and when I went to my neighborhood smoke shop for the first time, he suggested this brand. I was hooked on the first puff! If you like some flavor to your smoke, add one stick to your order. I am ordering a 24 box soon!
Kleersteel in Davenport, Fl November 20, 2011
"Sweet and smooth to the finish!"
Got a great deal on a great box of cigars! Will be buying more Tabak Especials from Famous! Love the flavor and escpeially the smell.
Gonzo in Dallas August 3, 2011
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10 Construction (92) 100
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