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Tabak Especial Toro Negra Reviews [view details]

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"Smooth, tastey, and a great draw!"
Super smooth stick with a nice hit of coffee that doesn t overpower the taste of the tobacco. The draw on this thing BLEW my mind. It was smoother than any cigar that I ve had yet. The wrapper was a touch on the weak side towards the rear in one spot, but the rest had perfect construction. Highly recommended, and I ll be ordering a few more!
John in Kentucky May 24, 2014
"Highly Disappointing"
I tasted absolutely no coffee or any flavors at all with mine. I ve got another one of these and two more Tabak smokes to try...so maybe this was just a bad one...but I literally couldn t finish it. It coated the back of my throat with a heavy, overwhelming, bitter tobacco flavor. After a perfect cut at the tip the wrapper began to peel as well. It put off a TON of smoke for what thats worth. I ve only been smoking for a few months and this is maybe only my 20th cigar, but its far and away the worst one I ve had so far.
Brandon in Kentucky March 9, 2014
"Not Good."
I could taste absolutely ZERO flavors of anything. Was very strong, gave me a headache, wrapper started peeling after a perfect cut. Didn t even finish it...I have 1 more of these that I will be gifting to a friend now and 2 different Tabak s that I hope will taste better. It did put out a ton of smoke though..
BMo in Kentucky March 8, 2014
"Full sized, full flavored, even burn"
For those who want a full sized, coffee flavored cigar,with a smooth, even burn,this is it. A staple in my humidor.
JJL in Denver, Colorado November 1, 2013
"Outstanding coffee-infused smoke"
This cigar may not be everyone's cup of Joe , but it does suit me to a T . After trying all the major flavor-infused cigars over a period of years, I've settled on Tabak Especial Toro Negra as my go to when I want a relaxing after-dinner or late evening treat . Mild to medium in strength, and consistently superior construction and quality in workmanship keep me coming back for more of this smoke. If you re not into flavored or infused cigars, this might not be for you. BUT - then again, give it a try with the right open-minded attitude about what you re about to enjoy and I think you ll walk away VERY impressed. This nay never become your everyday smoke, but it sure is mine! Love it! - Jeff
Jeff Barbee in Charlotte, North Carolina June 9, 2013
The one I smoked was the worst cigar ever rolled. Pulled 2 - 4inch stems out of it and it still would'nt draw. Finally threw it away and smoked a $2 cigar and it was way better. Just bad luck? Maybe, maybe NOT!
Junior in Puyallup, Wa. August 22, 2012
"Beautiful sheen"
The cigar simply looks wonderfull with a great dark wrapper. Its a medium taste with lingering sweet aromas which does'nt overpower like Isla del Sol. Burn wells, lots of billowing smoke and simply a beaut to smoke. 90's all around.
Arnolf in Victorville June 27, 2012
Really expected great things from this cigar but really didn't care for all the sweetness.Overpowering and it kept coming unraveled.got five from monster and will try again some other time but doubt i will ever order again.
Tom in cookeville,tn February 8, 2012
These are simply great smokes. Lot's of flavor but not harsh. Good draws and I get many compliments from the ladies who get whiffs of my smoke.
William P in Fremont, Nebraska January 31, 2012
"Damnit Drew"
I have been trying to find a cigar from Drew Estate that I didn't like. I tried this bad boy and well this cigar is now going to stock my humidor. I love it. Smooth, easy draw, great construction same flavor all the way to the nub. Im getting a box
Apeps in Kentucky December 17, 2011
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10 Construction (91) 100
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